Darlan Romani

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Darlan Romani
Darlan Romani Rio 2016.jpg
Romani at the 2016 Summer Olympics
Personal information
Born (1991-04-09) 9 April 1991 (age 28)
Concórdia, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Height1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)
Weight140 kg (309 lb)
SportTrack and field
Event(s)Shot put
Updated on 9 October 2015.

Darlan Romani (born 9 April 1991 in Concórdia) is a Brazilian track and field athlete specialising in the shot put.[1][2][3]

Professional athletics career[edit]

Darlan has the Brazilian shot put record since 2012. Since then, he broke the record so often that even he knows exactly how many national records he beat. He was surpassing the mark again and again in early 2015 when he reached 20.90m.[4]

He is the first Brazilian to qualify to the Shot Put at Olympics in 80 years - Antonio Pereira Lira was the last who did it, at the Berlin Games, in 1936.

At the 2016 Summer Olympics, in the Men's shot put, he broke the Brazilian record two times (20.94 meters in the qualifying round and 21.02 meters in the final), finishing 5th. It was the best participation of a Brazilian in the event.[5]

In June 3, 2017, he broke the South American record once again with 21.82 during the Brazilian leg of the IAAF World Challenge, São Bernardo do Campo.

In March 2018, he finished 4th place in the Indoor World Championship, with a 21.37 mark, a new indoor South American record.[6]

In early September 2018, representing the Americas in the IAAF Continental Cup, Darlan won gold with a 21.89 weight-shot, defeating 2017 World Champion Tom Walsh.[7]

On September 15, 2018 became the first South American to reach the mark of 22 m. In the Brazil Trophy, he got the exact mark of 22.00, again breaking the South American record. Fewer than 30 athletes have achieved this mark throughout the history of the event.[8]

At the end of 2018, he won the trophy for Best Athlete in Athletics at the Brazil Olympic Award.[9] He finished 5th in the world ranking of Shot Put in 2018.

On June 2019, at the Eugene stage of Diamond League, he obtained the 10th best mark (by athlete) of the History in the Shot Put, 22.61. He broke the South American record 3 times in the same event (22.46, 22.55 and 22.61). This would have given him gold in any Olympics or World Championships already held.[10]

At the 2019 Pan American Games held in Lima, Peru, even though he had a throat infection that left him with a severe fever the day before the race, he won the gold medal, beating the Pan American Games record, with the mark of 22.07 m.[11]

In the Diamond League 2019, he finished as runner-up overall.[12]

At the 2019 World Athletics Championships held in Doha, Qatar, the hardest and strongest contest in the history of the Shot Put of all time was held. Tom Walsh pitched 22.90m on the first try. Romani pitched 22.53m in the second attempt, which led him to the second place of the final at the moment. American Crouser pitched 22.71m in the fourth attempt, placing Romani in 3rd place. In the last valid throw, the American Kovacs made a throw of 22.91m, and Crouser got 22.90m, both finishing with gold and silver, and Walsh finished with the bronze also with the 22.90m mark. Romani finished in 4th place, the only one who shot over 22 m along with the 3 medalists. It was the best result of Brazil in World Championships in this competition. Since 1990 no one has thrown the weight over 22.80m, and the top four places in this competition (including Romani) have broken the World Championship record of 22.23m.

Personal bests[edit]

Competition record[edit]

Year Competition Venue Position Event Notes
Representing  Brazil
2008 South American Youth Championships Lima, Peru 2nd Shot put (5 kg) 17.06 m
2009 South American Junior Championships São Paulo, Brazil 2nd Shot put (6 kg) 16.99 m
2010 World Junior Championships Moncton, Canada 7th Shot put (6 kg) 18.58 m
2012 Ibero-American Championships Barquisimeto, Venezuela 3rd Shot put 18.93 m
South American U23 Championships São Paulo, Brazil 1st Shot put 19.93 m
2013 South American Championships Cartagena, Colombia 2nd Shot put 19.64 m
2014 South American Games Santiago, Chile 2nd Shot put 19.96 m
Ibero-American Championships São Paulo, Brazil 2nd Shot put 19.64 m
Pan American Sports Festival Ciudad de México, México 2nd Shot put 20.03 m A
2015 South American Championships Lima, Peru 2nd Shot put 20.32 m
Pan American Games Toronto, Canada 6th Shot put 19.74 m
World Championships Beijing, China 15th (q) Shot put 19.86 m
Military World Games Mungyeong, South Korea 1st Shot put 20.08 m
2016 World Indoor Championships Portland, United States 18th Shot put 18.50 m (NR)
Ibero-American Championships Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1st Shot put 19.67 m
Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 5th Shot put 21.02 m (NR)
2017 South American Championships Asunción, Paraguay 1st Shot put 21.02 m
World Championships London, United Kingdom 15th (q) Shot put 20.21 m
2018 World Indoor Championships Birmingham, United Kingdom 4th Shot put 21.37 m
South American Games Cochabamba, Bolivia 1st Shot put 21.21 m
Ibero-American Championships Trujillo, Peru 1st Shot put 20.74 m
Continental Cup Ostrava, Czech Republic 1st Shot put 21.89 m[13]
2019 South American Championships Lima, Peru 1st Shot put 21.00 m
Pan American Games Lima, Peru 1st Shot put 22.07 m
World Championships Doha, Qatar 4th Shot put 22.53 m


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