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Darlaston Loop
Wood Green
Darlaston James Bridge
Walsall to Wolverhampton Line
Wednesbury Town
Dudley via South Staffordshire Line

The Darlaston Loop was a railway which connected the towns of Willenhall and Wednesbury in the West Midlands of England. It was so named because it passed through the town of Darlaston.


The line was opened in 1863 to bypass the recently constructed railway through Walsall. It operated as a single track until a second track was added in 1872, and the only station on the line was located in Darlaston town centre.


It closed in 1887 but the line remained open to goods trains for another 80 years or so, when it finally closed during the 1960s.

The site today[edit]

A public footpath has been created along some of the trackbed, including the section which passed through Darlaston Station. A disused railway building on Crescent Road is still standing nearly 50 years after falling into disuse.


Coordinates: 52°33′59″N 2°02′02″W / 52.56644°N 2.03393°W / 52.56644; -2.03393