Darlia praetexta

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Darlia praetexta
Scientific classification

Clarke, 1950
D. praetexta
Binomial name
Darlia praetexta
Clarke, 1950

Darlia praetexta is a species of moth in the family Gelechiidae and the only species in the genus Darlia.[1][2] It was described by J. F. Gates Clarke in 1950. It is only found in Argentina.

The wingspan is 10–11 mm. The forewings are greyish fuscous, with a large sordid-white spot near the middle of the wing and a sordid-white transverse outwardly angulate fascia from the costa, near the apex extending to the center, then inwardly angulate to the tornus. This fascia is sometimes incomplete and consists of costal and tornal spots. The hindwings are light shining grey.[3]


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