Darlin' (2019 film)

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Darlin' (2019) Film Poster.jpg
Directed byPollyanna McIntosh
Produced byAndrew van den Houten
Written byPollyanna McIntosh
Jack Ketchum & Lucky McKee (based on characters created by)
CinematographyHalyna Hutchins
Edited byJulie Garces
Hood River Entertainment
Distributed byDark Sky Film
Capelight Pictures
Release date
Running time
100 minutes
CountryUnited States

Darlin' is a 2019 feature film written and directed by Pollyanna McIntosh,[1] who describes it as "a social issue horror film".[2] It is a standalone sequel to the 2011 Lucky McKee film The Woman, in which McIntosh played the title role.[3]


At the end of the previous film, Darlin', Peggy, and Socket Cleek joined the feral woman to live in the wilderness. Years later, Peggy and Socket are gone, while the now teenage Darlin' has developed a feral personality. One day, Darlin' is found by civilization and taken to a hospital, then a Catholic boarding school called St. Philomena's, where the staff and other students attempt to civilize her. A nurse named Tony who was the first to find and befriend her tries to look out for her, but is repeatedly turned away by the school for being gay. Though she has forgotten how to speak, she is renamed Darlin' after the name on her bracelet. She slowly regains her ability to speak and befriends some of the other students, especially a trouble-making tomboy named Billy, but has trouble adjusting to modern life and is disturbed by the school's teachings about the Devil. A greedy bishop attempts to exploit her for fame and fortune. Eventually, the feral woman enters the city and kills everyone in her path to retrieve her adoptive daughter Darlin', though she befriends a group of homeless prostitutes.

The bishop is a pedophile who regularly preys on the girls, and had preyed on the school's Sister Jennifer when she was a child. He tries to seduce Darlin', only to discover she is pregnant. She reveals that her sister Peggy had died in childbirth after having a stillborn child, which made Socket run away. A few months ago, she and the woman captured a hiker and they had sex before the woman killed him. The woman made her go to civilization so that she could deliver the baby safely. However, due to the school's teachings and what happened to Peggy, Darlin' believes the baby inside her is the Devil, and repeatedly pleads with God to save her.

When Darlin' is about to receive her First Communion, she attempts either suicide or to induce a miscarriage by drinking bleach, but all it does is make her sick. During the ceremony, Sister Jennifer plays a recording of the bishop confessing his crimes, which makes several people walk out in disgust. Darlin' bites a chunk out of his hand, but suddenly goes into labor. The woman and the homeless prostitutes storm the church and the woman kills the bishop. Tony, his boyfriend Robert, Sister Jennifer, and Billy help deliver Darlin's child, a girl. Darlin' tells the woman to take the baby far away. As sirens approach, Tony, Robert, Sister Jennifer, and Billy tend to Darlin', while the woman takes the baby and walks out.


Lauren Ashley Carter and Alexa Marcigliano reprise their "The Woman" roles as Peggy Cleek and Socket, respectively.


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