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Darlinghurst Theatre is an independent theatre company situated in Darlinghurst, Sydney.[1] Current CEO and artistic director Glenn Terry established the company in 1993 initially as an inner-city drama school. Darlinghurst Theatre productions were originally based at the Wayside Theatre in Kings Cross. A devastating hail storm destroyed its roof and the company was sent in search of new home. South Sydney Council assisted by providing a venue with affordable rent.

With financial support from the New South Wales Ministry of the Arts, The Grosvenor Club and numerous individuals, A$500,000 worth of internal renovations was completed and a new Sydney theatre was born in Potts Point. At the time of the renovations, Sydney's Her Majesty's Theatre was closed and some of that theatre's equipment found a new home at Darlinghurst Theatre, including seats, dressing room mirrors, lighting and bar equipment.


  • 1996: Landscape of the Body by John Guare (directed by Glenn Terry)[1]
  • 1996: Underwear, Perfume and Crash Helmet by Michael Gurr[1]
  • 1996: When You Comin' Back Red Ryder? by Mark Medoff (directed by Chrissy Ynfante)[1]
  • 1997: The Ugly Man by Brad Fraser (directed by Michael Darragh)[1]
  • 1998: Frozen (directed by Chrissy Ynfante)[1]
  • 1999: The Next Big Thing (directed by Matthew John Stewart)[1]
  • 2001: The Woolgatherer by William Mastosimone[1]
  • 2005: Terminus by Daniel Keane[2]
  • 2005: Onna No Honour[3]
  • 2005: The Young Tycoons by Christopher Johnson[4]
  • 2006: Blue Eyes and Heels by Toby Whithouse[5]
  • 2007: The Bee by Hideki Noda and Colin Teevan (directed by Sarah Enright)[6]
  • 2009: The Kursk by Sasha Janowicz(directed by Michael Futcher)[7]
  • 2011: 10,000 beers by Alex Broun (directed by Lee Lewis)[8]
  • 2012: Ordinary Days by Adam Gwon (directed by Grace Barnes) in conjunction with Squabbalogic [9]


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