Darlington Probation Station

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Darlington Probation Station
Commissariat Store 1825.jpg
View of one of the buildings (the Commissariat Store) within the Darlington Probation Station precinct.
TypeNational Park
LocationMaria Island
Coordinates42°34′57″S 148°04′12″E / 42.58250°S 148.07000°E / -42.58250; 148.07000Coordinates: 42°34′57″S 148°04′12″E / 42.58250°S 148.07000°E / -42.58250; 148.07000
Area2329.28 hectares[1]
StatusAustralian National Heritage List
World Heritage list
Criteriaiv, vi
Designated2010 (34th session)
Part ofAustralian Convict Sites
Reference no.1306
State Party Australia

Darlington Probation Station was a convict penal settlement on Maria Island, Tasmania (then Van Diemen's Land), from 1825 to 1832, then later a convict probation station during the last phase of convict management in eastern Australia (1842–1850).[2]

A number of the buildings and structures have survived from this earlier era relatively intact and in good condition,[2] and of the 78 convict probation stations once built in Tasmania, the buildings and structures at Maria Island are regarded as "the most outstanding representative example",[2] of such cultural significance they've been formally inscribed onto the Australian National Heritage List[3] and UNESCO's World Heritage list[4] as amongst:

" .. the best surviving examples of large-scale convict transportation and the colonial expansion of European powers through the presence and labour of convicts."[5]

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