Darnytsia Railway Station

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Darnytsia railway station
Ukrainian: Залізнична станція "Дарниця"
Приміський вокзал Дарниця.jpg
Commuter terminal
Location 3 Pryvokzalna St., Kiev,
Coordinates 50°25′52″N 30°38′46″E / 50.43111°N 30.64611°E / 50.43111; 30.64611Coordinates: 50°25′52″N 30°38′46″E / 50.43111°N 30.64611°E / 50.43111; 30.64611
Owned by Ukrzaliznytsia
Platforms 1 bay platform + 2 island platforms (+3 island platforms under construction)
Connections tram, marshrutka, metro (planned)
Structure type at-grade
Parking limited, under construction
Bicycle facilities allowed
Opened 1899
Rebuilt 1953, expansion continuing from 2003
Electrified 1957
Preceding station   Kyivpastrans   Following station
  Kiev Urban Electric Train   Terminus
Preceding station   Ukrzaliznytsia   Following station
Farmatsevtychna   Southwestern Railways   Kyiv-Passazhirskiy

Darnytsia railway station (Ukrainian: Станція "Дарниця", Stancija Darnytsia) is the largest Ukrainian Railways station (and the main freight station[1]) of the Ukrainian capital Kiev, located in the city's Left-bank Darnytsia area.

Built in the nineteenth century, the Darnytsia railway hub has grown into a gigantic railway center, expanding for more than 10 km along the main east-west route. Started in 2004 currently construction is under way of the new Darnytsia railway terminal complex which will serve long-distance passenger trains, house own station of the Kiev metropolitan, two-storey car parking, underground tunnel for automobile and tram traffic. The complex is meant to become Kiev's second long-distance terminal, easing the traffic tension in the main Kiev Passenger Railway Station.[2]


Traffic control building at Darnytsia Station.

The Darnytsia hub comprises: several sorting yards, hump yard, commuter passenger terminal and two additional train stops, locomotive and railcar depots, DVRZ railcar repairing company, numerous industrial sidings.

Passenger service[edit]

Construction of the new central passenger terminal

Commuter service[edit]

Interior of the existing passenger terminal (the southern one) at Darnytsia.

On February 16, 2007, the renovated commuter train terminal (pair of mirroring opposite buildings) of the station was opened to the public.[3]

Commuter and intra-city directions from Darnytsia: Hrebinka, Nizhyn, central terminal (intra-city), Petrivka Railway Station (Kiev) (intra-city).

Long-distance service[edit]

Currently most long-distance trains pass through Darnytsia non-stop; none of them originate or terminate at the station. However, the ticket boxes in the commuter terminals sell tickets for all long-distance routes in Ukraine.

Interconnections with city transport[edit]

Approximate location of the Darnytsia Railway Station in relation to the perspective growth of the Kiev Metro system and the city's current main passenger station.
Steam locomotives at the Darnytsia locomotive depot

In 2011, Darnytsia station became the terminus for the new intracity circle rail service called "Urban Electric Train". Trains for both circle directions arrive at Darnytsia and change heads.

Kiev tram, buses and marshrutkas are connected to Darnytsia station, but they are not up to needs even for the existing commuter passenger flow.

The railway station is not yet interconnected with the city's rapid transit system (Kiev Metro). The Darnytsia Metro station is actually situated well away, despite sharing exactly the same name.

Connection to other city transport is to be improved, including through the Kiev Metro, which is planned to be linked via enlargement of the Syretsko-Pecherska Line Syretsko-Pecherska Line.

Railway hub[edit]

Beside the passenger terminal, Darnytsia train station also has it own locomotive and railcar depots. In addition to the east of Darnytsia railway hub is located Darnytsia Railcar Repair Factory (DVRZ) which is a major railcar repair factory of the Ukrzaliznytsia.

Darnytsia locomotive depot is specialized in maintaining and repair of ChME3 locomotives.

Prospects of future expansion[edit]

Since 2012, Ukrzaliznytsia gradually increases the number of long-distance passenger trains that stop for Darnytsia in order to relieve the Kiev Passenger Railway Station and prevent some of the passenger flow from crossing the overloaded city bridges[4]

Darnytsia Station will also harbor a dedicated depot for Hyundai Rotem high-speed trains that are being launched by the Ukrzaliznytsia in 2012.[5]

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