Darpan Chaya

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Darpan Chaya
Promotional Poster
Directed by Tulsi Ghimire
Produced by Shrawan Ghimire
Written by Tulsi Ghimire
Starring Niruta Singh
Dilip Rayamajhi
Uttam Pradhan
Tulsi Ghimire
Release date
  • 1 September 2001 (2001-09-01) (Nepal)
Country Nepal
Language Nepali
Box office Nrs. 7 crore (equivalent to Nrs.15 crore of 2016)

Darpan Chaya (Nepali: दर्पण छायाँ) is a 2001 Nepalese musical romantic film directed by Tulsi Ghimire, starring Dilip Rayamajhi, Niruta Singh, Uttam Pradhan and Tulsi Ghimire. Darpan Chaya is regarded as one of the best movies of Nepali film industry that talks about love and friendship. This movie was at the top of list of highest grossing Nepali films until its record was supprased by movie Kohinoor in 2014. Being one of the most critically and commercially acclaimed movie, it is still most loved movie of Nepal. Due to the success of the movie, main leads of the movie i.e. Niruta Singh and Dilip Rayamajhi can in limelight where as Uttam Pradhan, who debuted from the movie also became popular .


The film is about the friendship of two best friends, Raj and Abhi. They are college students. Though Abhi is blind, Raj takes all his care. On the day of new session of college, they meet a new student named Smriti. Abhi has a good friendship with Smriti, but Raj and Smriti has a bad starting. Once the college plans for picnic where all the students were coming. When Raj comes to know that Smriti is coming he denies to come. But his friends force to come. At picnic when all boys go for swimming, Smriti and her friends hide their clothes which they had left with Abhi. When Abhi comes to know that clothes were gone, it was too late and girls had already left with bus. All the boys now didn't knew the way and were wearing leaves of itchy plants which brings an allergy to Raj. Next morning they return back by a truck.

When principal of the college comes to know about this, he scolds Smriti, as Raj was about to participate in basketball competition and was the main player of the team. When Smriti hears this, she apologize to Raj. Soft-hearted Raj easily forgives her, as his friends were also asking to do so. After this incident the trio becomes very good friends. When the basketball was going on Smriti cheers for Raj and with that he easily wins the competition.

Now Abhi is shown as the secret admirer of Smriti as she was very close to him. On the other hand Raj also starts developing a soft corner for Smriti. Abhi proposes to Smriti by confronting his mother. Smriti, in great shock, leaves his house. The next day, Raj also proposes Smriti, which poses a great dilemma. She says to Raj that they are just a good friends and she loved Abhi. To Abhi, she says that she loved Raj more than him. Both of the boys are left with broken hearts. One day, Smriti invites both of them to dinner, and Abhi says that Raj was the reason of blindness of Abhi as he was the one due to whom the accident occurred and he lost his vision. After this incident both of boys stop going to college. When Abhi's mother comes to know about what Smriti said, she meets with Raj's parents and everything gets sorted out between them. They then go to college to meet Smriti. But when they go to college, they come to know that Smriti has cancer of last stage and has no any chance of life. Hearing this they rushed to hospital where Smriti was in I.C.U. and she had left a letter for them. The letter said that she came to know she had cancer just a day before when Abhi purposed her. So she didn't want an end of their friendship. She asks Abhi to transplant her eyes to his and asks Raj to be strong and always take care of Abhi and never let her eyes cry.When both of them finishes to read letter doctor says that Smriti is no more. All her colleagues and the duo cry bitterly while Raj asks her to open her eyes. A pair of eyes are shown opened which were of Abhi, who could see now. The film ends when Raj says that in that way both wrote that novel.

About the movie[edit]

Darpan Chaya is considered to be one of the best Nepali movies. It grossed NRs 7.00 crore at the box office, surpassing Tulsi Ghimire's own 1987 classic Kusume Rumal to become the highest grossing Nepali movie of all time.[1]

The soundtrack of the film, with music composed by Ranjit Gazmer, became hugely popular. The song "Lahanale jurayo ki" by Sadhana Sargam was very popular, as well as the dance of Niruta Singh. Other than that whole movie itself is very special than other movie that talks about love and friendship.[2]



After 15 years of Darpan Chaya director of the movie i.e. Tulsi Ghimire announced sequel of the movie. Though both of the movie have same name he confirmed that the characters and the story is going to totally different. For Darpan chaya 2 new actors like Pushpal Khadka and Sahara Karki has been chosen . This movie is also being directed and written by Tulsi Ghimire and is set to release in March 10, 2017. The trailer and title song of new movie has been well received from the viewer.


Track Artists Length
Lahana Le Jurayo Ki (Female) Sadhana Sargam 5.56
Tyo Danda Paari Udit Narayan and Deepa Jha 5.16
Ukali Ko Dandai Danda Rubi Joshi and Meera Rana 1.45
Bainshalu Mana Le Rojeko Udit Narayan and Sadhana Sargam 3.43
Lahana Le Jurayo Ki (Western) Indrajeet Mijar 5.06
Lahana Le Jurayo Ki (Male) Ram Krishna Dhakal 5.50

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