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Darragh \d(a)-rra-gh\ is a name of Irish origin. The name is derived from the Irish word doire, which means "oak. Darragh is frequently used in Ireland as a male forename, though sometimes occurs as a surname or female forename. Darragh is an anglicisation of the name Dáire. The spelling varies, with variations such as Dara, Dairi etc.

In Celtic mythology, Darragh, also meant Dagda, the Celtic god of the underworld, it also means strength perseverance.

Darragh in other languages includes:

In Persian Dara (Persian: دارا) means "wealthy" and is a boy's name. It is also the name of a male doll, and Dara and Sara are sold as "Iran's Islamic alternative to Ken and Barbie". In Persian, Darius and Dariush are also common male names stemming from the same origin. In the words of Lady Francesca Wilde, "is worthy of note, while on the subject of Irish and Iranian affinities, that the old Persian word for tree is dar, and the Irish call their sacred tree, the oak, darragh." Modern Persian's general word for tree is derakht. Fruitless trees such as the Oak Tree for the Irish or the Platanus for the Persians served very similar roles in the ancient mythologies of these peoples. Lady Wilde said "it is recorded that Xerxes before going to battle invoked victory by the Sacred Tree, and hung jewels and rich robes on the boughs." The commonality of names such as Darragh, Dara, Dariush, and Darius are all modern invocations of a similar ancient word.[1]

In Urdu, the name is Darius.

In Hebrew, Dara means compassion or "pearl of wisdom."

In Turkish and in Punjabi, Darragh means "leader".

In the Swahili version Darragh means "the beautiful one".

Dara is a female name in Bulgaria and Macedonia. Its meaning directly derives from "dar", which means "gift" both in Bulgarian and Macedonian. This name stems from the more common male name Bojidar (or Bozhidar), and its female version Bojidara (or Bozhidara), both meaning "Gift of God".

Dara is also a short form of Oluwadarasimi or Oluwadara, which in Yoruba means "God is good". The name is used for both boys and girls.

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