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Darren Callahan is a Chicago-based film director, playwright, novelist, screenwriter and musician whose primary works include The Audrey Green Chronicles,[1] City of Human Remains,[2] The White Airplane & Horror Academy: Two Plays by Darren Callahan, the three-play cycle about Hollywood entitled Beautiful Women in Terrible Trouble, Twin Cinema, Blood Triangle (three screenplays), and the discography of Travel, a noise rock band featuring poet Matt Hart.

His work has been reviewed and interviewed in the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Reader, Dayton Daily News, Time Out Magazine, Chicago Examiner, Daily Herald, K-O Times, Metromix, and the Chicago Sun-Times.

His plays have been produced by Chicago's Strawdog Theatre, Babes With Blades, Polarity Ensemble Theatre, Chicago Dramatists, Breadline Theatre, Stage 773, PROP THTR, and City Lit. Chicago Reader named him Critics Choice for his novel The Vanishing of Archie Gray (2004).[3]

He is the author of several produced radio dramas, including Uncle Ant (1997), The Death Guard (2000), The Tokyo Tourist Bureau (2005), The Wave (1998), and Carnival of Spies (2001).

He is president and founder of Phantom Soundtracks, a U.S.-based recording company that only releases soundtracks to nonexistent films. The exception is the release of the soundtrack of the film Chrysalis (later named Battled Apocalypse) (2014), a score by Darren Callahan.

In 2012, he wrote, directed, and composed the score for Glass City Films' production of Under the Table, a horror movie.

In 2014, his play Desperate Dolls was produced and caused a significant controversy due to the violent and sexual content.

In 2015, he produced the film Chat Room, directed by Emily Bennett. That year also saw the re-release of 1993's debut album from his pop band, OO OO WA, entitled Screen Kiss, as well as the release by Trouble Press of a collection of 31 fiction and non-fiction pieces, entitled Twin Cinema.


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