Darren Hardy

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Darren Hardy
Born (1971-02-26) February 26, 1971 (age 52)
CEO Advisor
High-Performance Trainer
Motivational Speaker
Employer(s)SUCCESS magazine, former publisher and CEO
Height6 ft 3 in (191 cm)
(m. 2001)

Darren Hardy is an American author, keynote speaker, advisor, and former publisher of SUCCESS magazine.[1][2] Hardy is a New York Times best-selling author,[3] who wrote The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, Living Your Best Year Ever and The Compound Effect.[4][5]


Hardy started his first business at age 18. He has been a central figure in the success media business for 25+ years. In 2007 he became publisher of SUCCESS magazine and Success Media.[2][6] In December 2015, Hardy announced he was leaving SUCCESS magazine as publisher to pursue new opportunities.[1] Prior to this position, Hardy held executive positions at two personal development-focused television networks. He was executive producer and master distributor of The People's Network (TPN), and president of The Success Training Network (TSTN).[7] Darren Hardy is most known for his popular book "The Compound Effect" that is still quoted by top critics as his best work to date.[8]

Hardy has been awarded the ‘Master of Influence’ designation by the National Speakers Association (NSA) in honor of his professionalism in public speaking.[9]

Success Magazine[edit]

Success is a business related magazine that contains business and self-improvement advice from entrepreneurs and others. Issues included CDs with motivational content from various contributors.[10] At the time the magazine was nationally distributed, and had a rate base of 402,883 and over 799,000 readers as of 2015.[11] In January 2018, Success laid-off 50% of its workforce,[12] as well as freelance writers and photographers.[13][14] In November 2020 The parent company of eXp Realty, Washington-based eXp World Holdings, announced last week the purchase of Plano-based SUCCESS magazine and its affiliated media properties.[12]


In 2010, Hardy wrote The Compound Effect,[5] a book about the impact of everyday decisions which includes a guide to achieving goals.[15][16] In 2011, he wrote Living Your Best Year Ever, which is a journal system to design and achieve goals. In 2015, he wrote The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, which outlines the challenges of business ownership for entrepreneurs.[2][4]


  • The Compound Effect, 2010
  • Living Your Best Year Ever, 2011
  • The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, 2015


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