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Industry Video processing
Founded January 1999 (1999-01)
Headquarters Fribourg, Switzerland
Area served
Key people
Victor Bergenzoli (Co-founder, CEO)
Serge Ayer (Co-founder, CTO)
Daniel Morand (CFO)
Anton Affentranger (Executive Chairman)
Products SimulCam, StroMotion
Website www.dartfish.com

Dartfish is a video solutions provider based in Fribourg, Switzerland. The company develops online and offline video software to enable users to view, edit and analyze videos for individual and corporate use.[1] The company was founded in 1999 at the Swiss Institute of Technology EPFL and has offices in Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Sophia Antipolis, France; Sydney, Australia; Tokyo, Japan; and Seoul, Korea.


Dartfish technology enables organizations to capture video, enrich the video content with graphics, text, voiceover, frame selection, data, and display the content to online audience.[citation needed] Products include:

  • DARTFISH.TV: Interactive WEB 2.0 video-on-demand platform
  • Breakthrough sport training software solution
  • Numerous breakthrough apps (IOS and Android)
  • Exclusive Broadcast footage


Dartfish was founded in 1999 as InMotion Technologies, Ltd to commercially develop SimulCamTM and other digital imaging applications.[2] SimulCamTM technology was followed by StroMotionTM, in January 2001.[3]

In February 2001, Dartfish opened an office in Atlanta, Georgia. In November 2001, Dartfish Korea offices opened in Seoul.

In December 2003, Dartfish entered a distribution agreement in Japan and Dartfish Japan was created.

In January 2004, Dartfish entered a distribution agreement with South America in Chile. Five months later, Dartfish launched its third version (3.0) of the Dartfish software. In November 2004, Dartfish created a new subsidiary in France to distribute its software.[4] In June 2005, Dartfish launched version 4.0 of the software.

In October 2006, a Dartfish subsidiary was created in the UK.

In April 2007, Dartfish launched Version 4.5 and Dartfish Connect Plus.

In June 2007, Dartfish entered distribution agreements with Moscow, Russia and Prague, Czech Republic.

In April 2008, Dartfish launched its new content platform DartfishMoves.com. Five months later, Dartfish launched Dartfish.TV-a platform that allows users to film, edit, publish, and share videos.

In January 2009, Dartfish launched version 5.0 of its software, to offer HD video technology. Four months later Dartfish entered a distribution agreement with São Paulo, Brazil. In September 2009, Dartfish launched version 5.5 to enhance publishing on Dartfish.TV, create new video clips and supported new video formats and technical enhancements.

In January 2010, Dartfish entered distribution agreements with Athens, Greece.

In March 2011, Dartfish launched a new version of its Dartfish.TV content platform to enable users to navigate by events or segments and tag events online.

In August 2012, At the London 2012 Summer Games Dartfish users Worldwide Top Out earning over 400 medals![citation needed]

In August 2013, Dartfish Express Wins Tabby Award in Sport and Fitness Category.[citation needed]

In June 2014, Dartfish Express was featured by Apple in its intro video at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Technical Details[edit]

Dartfish.TV is an integrated solution across multiple platforms (software, online, mobile) that allows users to capture videos, tag events real-time, and upload, organize and share the videos via Dartfish TV channel. Tagging enables users to bookmark specific events or series of events in their videos so that users including coaches, athletes and corporate managers can identify specific stats or important moments in the video and directly navigate or share the moments.
Dartfish Software is used by athletic coaches to break down and analyze the movements as well as categorize videos to create an index of events (e.g. pass goal, player, etc.). The software uses digital video graphics to deliver instant visual feedback. Also, it is reported that it can improve processes and performance, trainings, risk management and HR functions.[5]


Dartfish software supported the athletes who won 400 medals during the Olympic Games in 2012 and helped to prepare the U.S. team in the 2011 Davis Cup.[6] Its network of users includes major league sports teams, Olympic committees from many nations, federations, colleges and universities, high schools, prep schools, branches of military, industry and professionals, as well as athletes and students of all levels in numerous academic fields.


2013 Tabby Award winner in Sport and Fitness Category[citation needed]

2006 winner of the Korean Culture and Sports Ministry competition for identifying innovative, high-value added sports service business with its proposal, Customized Online Prescription of Physiotherapy [7]

2005 Emmy winner for The George Wensel Outstanding Innovative Technical Achievement Award [8]

2001 SimulCamTM awarded U.S. Patent

2000 NBC Innovative Technical Achievement Nominee

1999 European IST Prize Winner (InMotion) [9]


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