Dartford Cricket Club

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Dartford Cricket Club
Established: 17th century
Home venue: Dartford Brent
No. of titles 3
Notable players: William Bedle
John Frame
See also: Dartford Brent

Dartford Cricket Club is one of the oldest in England and its origins date from the early 18th century, perhaps earlier.

Dartford players were reckoned by Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford, writing in his diary in 1723, to "lay claim to the greatest excellence" among English cricketers.

The club played a number of big matches against London and, in 1756, they were involved in a tri-series against the sport's rising power, the Hambledon Club.

Dartford produced several famous players in the 18th century including cricket's earliest known great player William Bedle. Later players included William Hodsoll, John Bell, John Frame and Ned Wenman.

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