Dartmouth North

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Dartmouth North
Nova Scotia electoral district
Dartmouth North provincial electoral district.svg
Provincial electoral district
Legislature Nova Scotia House of Assembly
Susan Leblanc
New Democratic
District created 1967
Last contested 2013
Population (2011) 19,238
Electors 15,512
Area (km²) 30.00
Pop. density (per km²) 641.3
Census divisions Halifax County
Census subdivisions Halifax

Dartmouth North is a provincial electoral district in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, that elects one member of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly.

The district was created in 1966 when Halifax County Dartmouth was divided into ten electoral districts. It was named Dartmouth City North. In 1967, the district was renamed Dartmouth North. In 2003, the district gained the area on its southern boundary along Lake Banook from Dartmouth South.[1]

Members of the Legislative Assembly[edit]

This riding has elected the following Members of the Legislative Assembly:

Legislature Years Member Party
63rd 2017-present Susan Leblanc New Democratic
62nd 2013-2017 Joanne Bernard Liberal
61st 2010-2013 Trevor Zinck Independent
2009-2010 New Democratic
60th 2006-2009
59th 2003-2006 Jerry Pye New Democratic
58th 1999-2003
57th 1998-1999
56th 1993-1998     Sandy Jolly Liberal
55th 1988-1993
54th 1984-1988 Laird Stirling Progressive Conservative
53rd 1981-1984
52nd 1978-1981
51st 1974-1978     Glen M. Bagnell Liberal
50th 1970-1974
49th 1968-1970     Gerald G. Wambolt Progressive Conservative
1967-1968     Gordon L. S. Hart Liberal

Election results[edit]

Nova Scotia general election, 2017
The 2017 general election will be held on May 30.
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
Liberal Joanne Bernard
Atlantica David Boyd
Green Tyler Colburne
New Democratic Susan Leblanc
Progressive Conservative Melanie Russell
Total valid votes 100.0  
Nova Scotia general election, 2013
Party Candidate Votes % ±
  Liberal Joanne Bernard 2,953 44.06
  New Democratic Party Steve Estey 2,020 30.14
  Progressive Conservative Séan G. Brownlow 1,729 25.08
Nova Scotia general election, 2009[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
  New Democratic Party Trevor Zinck 4053 56.75
  Liberal Jim Smith 2316 32.43
  Progressive Conservative David Losey 568 7.95
Green Alex Donaldson 205 2.87
Nova Scotia general election, 2006
Party Candidate Votes % ±
  New Democratic Party Trevor Zinck 3414 49.47
  Progressive Conservative Troy Myers 1895 27.46
  Liberal Ian Murray 1365 19.78
Green Alex Donaldson 227 3.29
Nova Scotia general election, 2003
Party Candidate Votes % ±
  New Democratic Party Jerry Pye 3799 53.05
  Progressive Conservative Jane MacKay 1900 26.46
  Liberal Rosemary Godin 1300 18.11
Nova Scotia Party Pat Gould 86 1.34
Marijuana Marc-Andre Roy 75 1.04
Nova Scotia general election, 1999
Party Candidate Votes % ±
  New Democratic Party Jerry Pye 3105
  Progressive Conservative Jane MacKay 2060
  Liberal Frank Cameron 1756
Nova Scotia Party Susan Livingstone 145


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