Dartry Mountains

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Dartry Mountains
Long Dyke with the Dartry Mountains beyond - geograph.org.uk - 1112773.jpg
Long Dyke with the Dartry Mountains
Highest point
Peak Truskmore
Elevation 647 m (2,123 ft)
Country Republic of Ireland
Provinces of Ireland Connacht

The Dartry Mountains are a range in the north west of Ireland. They are situated mainly on the border of County Sligo and County Leitrim.


The name is from the former tribe/kingdom name Dartraige.


Dartry Mountains, Sligo

The range is a large dissected limestone plateau with several named peaks such as Benbulben, Benwhiskin and Truskmore. Glaciation has carved the distinctive shapes of this mountain range.

Coordinates: 54°20′N 8°25′W / 54.333°N 8.417°W / 54.333; -8.417