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Darts World Rankings are a system designed to determine a list of the best darts players in the world based on their performances in tournaments. However, in 1993, a group of former world champions and other high-profile players separated from the British Darts Organisation, meaning there are now two major governing bodies.

Each organisation has its own players, and each has its own ranking system. The ranking systems are used to arrange tournament seedings, which are so arranged, that the number one player in the world will not face the number two player until the final of a tournament, providing they both reach that final.

PDC World Rankings[edit]

The Professional Darts Corporation's Ranking is based on the amount of prize money won over the past two years.

PDC Order of Merit as of 3 March 2019, following the 2019 UK Open.[1]

WDF World Rankings[edit]

The rankings are based on a cumulative points system, calculated on a rolling one year basis. When a tournament is played, the previous year's results are removed from the rankings and the new tournament scores are used. This list is used to determine seeds for some of the WDF Opens. The World Darts Federation ranking system is designed to provide a measure of the global activities of darts players in every WDF recognised darts event. It used to be very similar to the BDO system but was revised in January 2007 to include categories by country and by events, and the distribution of ranking points reflect the levels of prize money on offer and the numbers of entries in a tournament. Players gain points in six different levels of categorized events and prize money and at the end of the season the leading players receive monetary bonus rewards from the WDF.[2]

Current points distribution[edit]

Points are currently awarded as follows:[3]

Tournament category W F SF QF R16 R32 R64 R128
WDF Major tournaments 180 120 100 60 30 15 8 4
WDF Category One tournaments 150 100 80 48 24 12 6
WDF Category Two tournaments 120 80 60 36 18 9 4
WDF Category Three tournaments 90 60 40 24 12 6