Darul Huda Islamic University

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Darul Huda Islamic University
الجامعة دار الهدى الاسلامية
Darul Huda Islamic University, Kerala, India.jpg
Darul Huda Islamic University Central Campus
Motto (Arabic) إن علينا للهدى Inna Alaina Lal Huda
Motto in English
“Verily on Us is the guidance.” (Qur'an, 92:12)
Type Islamic University
Established 1986
Founder Dr. U. Bapputty Haji, C.H Aidarus Musliyar, MM Basheer Musliyar
Chancellor Sayyid Hyderali Shihab Thangal
Vice-Chancellor Bahauddeen_Muhammed_Nadwi
Address Hidaya Nagar, Chemmad, Malappuram, Kerala, Chemmad, Malappuram, Kerala, India
Campus Chemmad, Malappuram, (Kerala) Central Campus
Punkanoor Andhra Pradesh
Barpetta, Assam
Bheempur, West Bengal
Kashipattanam, Karnataka
Nickname Darul Huda
Affiliations Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World, League of Islamic Universities
Website www.dhiu.in
Dhiu logo.jpg

Darul Huda Islamic University (DHIU) is an Islamic university based at Malappuram in Kerala state of India. It was established as an Islamic academy on 26 June 1986 and was upgraded to Islamic university status on May 10, 2009. It is a member of Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World[1] and the League of Islamic Universities. There are 24 affiliated undergraduate colleges spread over different states of India including the States of Kerala, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Assam.

Panakkad Sayyid Hyder Ali Shihab is the Chancellor and Prof. Dr. Bahauddeen Muhammed Nadwi the Vice Chancellor.[2]


DHIU was established at 1986 as an Islamic college, with the name Darul Huda Islamic Academy. It was the product of prolonged discourses among three scholars and three community leaders: M.M. Basheer Musliyar, C.H Aidarus Musliyar and Dr. Bahauddeen Muhammed Nadwi are the three religious scholars, whereas Dr. U. Bapputty Haji, Chemmukkan Kunhappu Haji and K.M. Zaid Alawi Haji are the community leaders.[3][4]

After two decades, it was upgraded into an Islamic university on 10 May 2009.

Educational system[edit]


Presently there are five faculties:[5]

  • Faculty of Shariah and Usul al-Din,
  • Faculty of Languages,
  • Faculty of Humanities,
  • Faculty of Da'wah and Islamic Culture,
  • Faculty of Tarbiya and Islamic Teachings.


More than half part of the total students of the University comes from Kerala State of India. The rest of the students hail from different States of India including Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Karnataka, Bihar and the islands of Lakshadweep and Andaman Nicobar Islands.

Although the university concentrates on Muslim students from different states of India, there are a few students from countries other than India. International students of the University are citizens of Nepal and New Zealand. In the near future, DHIU plans to open its gates to the students from all over the world.

Student life[edit]

DHIU is a residential university and academic residence at the campus is compulsory for every student throughout the whole studentship. The entire tuition, accommodation, food and other expenses are provided free of cost regardless of students' financial backgrounds.

Darul Huda Students' Union (DSU) is the students' organisation of the University. Hudawis' Association for Devoted Islamic Activities (HADIA) coordinates the activities of the alumni.


Central Campus[edit]

DHIU has its Central Campus in Chemmad town of Kerala State. The main campus consists of Post-graduate Institute, Central Juma Masjid, Dr. U Bapputty Haji Library, Sayyid Muhammedali Shihab Thangal Undergraduate College, CH Aidarus Musliyar Secondary Institute, Sayyid Umarali Shihab Thangal Administrative Building and National Institute for Islamic& Contemporary Studies (NIICS).

Outer Campuses[edit]

There are also outer-campuses for DHIU, these are in four States of India: Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka and Assam.

Girls' Campus[edit]

The university provides a separate and safe campus for female students. The girls' campus situates closer to the central campus and it is named as Fathima Zahra Islamic Women's College.

Hifz Campus[edit]

There is also another campus fully devoted to Hifzul Qur'an (memorising the Holy Qur'an) situated at Mamburam Village. This campus is situated near to the pilgrimage centre of Sayyid Alawi Mouladdawila.

Affiliated colleges[edit]

Besides the Central Campus and Off-Campuses, DHIU extends its activities through the nationwide affiliated colleges. Following table shows the affiliated colleges of DHIU :

No College Location
1 Islahul Uloom Arabic College Tanur, Malappuram.
2 Sabeelul Hidaya Islamic College Parappur, Malappuram.
3 Malik Deenar Islamic Academy, Thalangara, Kasaragod.
4 Malabar Islamic Complex Darul Irshad Academy Chattanchal, Kasaragod.
5 Maunathul Islam Arabic College Ponnani, Malappuram
6 Darul Hidaya Da'wa College Manur, Edappal, Malappuram.
7 Busthanul Uloom Arabic College Maniyoor, Calicut.
8 Darunnajath Arabic College Koonancheri, Kozhikode.
9 Darunnajath Islamic Complex Vallappuzha, Palakkad.
10 Manhajur Rashad Islamic College Chelembra, Malappuram.
11 Nahju Rashad Islamic College Chamakkala, Thrissur.
12 Darul Uloom Islamic Da'wa College Thootha, Perinthalmanna.
13 Hidayathul Islam Da'wa College Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram.
14 National Institute for Islamic and Contemporary Studies (NIICS) Darul Huda University Campus, Chemmad
15 Manhajul Huda Islamic College Punganur, Madanappalli, Andhra Pradesh
16 Darussalam Islamic Academy Thalassery, Kannur
17 Sheikh Farid Awliya College, Odamala, Perinthalmanna, Malappuram
18 Darul Hasanath Islamic College Kannadipparamba, Kannur.
19 Quvvathul Islam Arabic College Dongri, Mumbai
20 Darunnoor Institute for Islamic and Contemporary Studies Kashipatna, Mangalore
21 Darul Falah Islamic Academy Taliparamba, Kannur
22 Fazfari Urdu College Padinjattumuri, Malappuram
23 KMO Islamic Academy Koduvally, Kozhikode
24 Nahjul Huda Islamic Academy Kalamasshery, Ernakulam

Centre for Public Education and Training[edit]

Convocation ceremony of the University

Centre for Public Education and Training (CPET) is a Lifelong Learning and Extension Department of the University. It concentrate primarily on the social leadership with broader vision and tactic skills at grassroots to habituate the standard of living and harmony, the psychological approaches in soothing the burning problems of relationship, guiding new generation talents towards excellence, empowerment perspective in treating women related issues to produce much desirable impact. It also aims at transforming the Imams- Most influential figures in Muslim community as a positive catalyst for bringing social changes at grassroots. CPET provides different types of short-term Diploma and Certificate courses.

Graduate destinations[edit]

Many students go onto further studies both at Indian and other universities worldwide. These include Jawaharlal Nehru University, Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Jamia Millia Islamia, Aligarh Muslim University, Jamia Hamdard, University of Hyderabad, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Central University of Gujarat, English and Foreign Languages University and IITs in India. Students of Darul Huda have also studied abroad at major institutions including University of California, Berkeley, International Islamic University Malaysia, Al-Azhar University, Egypt and Leiden University, the Netherlands. Other graduates pursue careers in occupations including teaching, journalism, law, publishing and the civil service. Graduates of Darul Huda are working with renowned media houses including the BBC and Al-Jazeera. Several others work as lecturers in reputed universities in and outside India.

Partner universities[edit]


DHIU has memberships in various federations of global Islamic Universities including Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World[18] and the League of Islamic Universities. This help the graduates of the University to continue their higher-study in different premier universities.

DHIU has signed different types of Memorandum of Understandings with many Indian and international universities including International Islamic University Malaysia.[19]


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