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Daruvu poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed bySiva
Produced byBurugupalli Siva Rama Krishna
Written byRamesh Gopi
Anil Ravipudi (dialogues)
Screenplay bySiva
Aadi Narayana
StarringRavi Teja
Music byVijay Antony
Edited byGautham Raju
Sri Venkateswara Entertainments
Distributed bySri Venkateswara Film Distributors
BlueSky Cinemas
Release date
  • 25 May 2012 (2012-05-25)
Running time
155 minutes
Budget20 crore (US$2.8 million)[2]

Daruvu: Sound Of Mass is a 2012 Indian Telugu-language fantasy action comedy film written and directed by Siva, produced by Burugupalli Siva Rama Krishna under Sri Venkateswara Entertainments banner and starring Ravi Teja and Taapsee in lead roles.[3] The soundtrack of the film is composed by Vijay Antony, while the cinematography is handled by Vetrivel. Ramesh Gopi and Anil Ravipudi penned the dialogues and Gautham Raju handled the editing department.

The movie was remade in Odia as Ashok Samrat.[4]


The film's story is similar to fantasy films like Yamaleela, Yamudiki Mogudu, Yamagola, and Yamadonga.

Bullet Raja (Ravi Teja) is a small-time crook with a good heart. He bumps into Swetha (Taapsee) at a function and falls in love with her, but she is already engaged to Harbour Babu (Sushant Singh), a powerful local goon. One day, using Swetha's dance master Vidya Balan (Brahmanandam), Raja and Swetha manage to run away from Babu to reach a hilltop, but Babu tracks them down and is severely beaten by Raja. At the last moment, Babu uses his Scorpio car to hit Raja off the hilltop. Raja clings on to a branch growing on the hill but slips off it and falls down, yet still manages to survive. Just then, Chitragupta (M. S. Narayana) changes the story, and the car that was stuck on the edge of the hill falls down on top of Raja, and as he was crushed. The Scorpio car blasts, thus killing him.

Raja heads to Yamalokam, where he realizes that his life has unjustly been terminated by Chitragupta, and so he picks up a fight with Yamadharma Raja (Prabhu). A helpless Yama gives Bullet Raja three options. Either he could be a Chinese warrior who was to die two days later, a terrorist who also has the same life span, or greedy, evil, and corrupt Home Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Ravindra (Ravi Teja), who decides to turn over a new leaf after he realizes the affection and support that the public has for him, but he is killed by his associates Balram (Sayaji Shinde), Shantaram (Avinash), and Pavitrananda (Raghu Babu). Thus, Raja decides to enter Ravindra, who seemed the most normal among them. After Raja enters into Ravindra's body, he confronts Ravindra's and his own enemies and fulfills the wishes of his mother Parvathamma (Jayasudha) and followers.




Director Siva who previously made films like Souryam, Sankham and Siruthai started working on this film in early 2011. Burugupalli Siva Rama Krishna who previously produced films like Thammudu, Sahasa Veerudu Sagara Kanya and Yuvaraju signed Ravi Teja for the film. The film was officially launched on 18 August 2011 in Hyderabad, India. After several months of filming, in January 2012 it was announced that the film was titled Daruvu.[5] In February 2012, filming was disrupted by Telangana activists. The incident happened when the unit was filming Osmania University campus, Hyderabad. The activists raising slogans rammed onto the location and damaged the furniture and film equipment thus forcing the crew to call off the shoot.[6]


Ravi Teja was the first actor who was cast in the film. In October 2011, it was announced that Taapsee Pannu who earlier worked with Ravi Teja in Veera was signed for the film.[7] The film is a socio-fantasy flick dealing with Yama Dharmaraju and Yamalokam. Veteran actor Kaikala Satyanarayana who was famous for his portrayal of Yama Dharmaraju in several films was cast for that role. Tamil actor Prabhu was cast for the role of Yama Dharmaraju's son. Popular Kannada actor Avinash and Marathi actor Sayaji Shinde were cast for important roles in the film. Top comedians of Telugu cinema like Bramhanandam, M. S. Narayana, Raghu Babu, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Srinivas Reddy and Vennela Kishore were also cast for vital roles in the film.


After the film was launched in August 2011, first schedule of filming began in November 2011. Filming took place in Hyderabad and Chennai. Second schedule of filming began on 11 December 2011. Filming took place in Hyderabad, Badami and Bangkok.[8] In January 2012, it was announced that 60% of the filming was completed. It was reported that huge sets of Yamalokam were specially designed and constructed in Ramoji Film City for the film.[9] Filming took place in Ramoji Film City till 3 February 2012 after which three songs were shot from 5 February 2012 till 20 February 2012 in Bangkok.[10] On 5 March 2012 it was announced that the filming will completed by 16 March 2012 and post-production beginning soon after that. He is looking forward to Bollywood too.


The movie was scheduled for a worldwide release on 4 May 2012 but got postponed to 18 May 2012 due to delay in the post production work.[11] The film was again postponed and fixed, released on 25 May 2012. The film was given a U/A certificate by the Censor Board of India.[12]

Critical reception[edit]

Professional reviews
Source Rating
Rediff 2/5 stars
123telugu 2.75/5 stars
SuperGoodMovies 2.5/5 stars
telugu.way2movies.com 2.75/5 stars
greatandhra.com 2/5 stars
bharatstudent.com 2.5/5 stars
andhraheadlines 2.75/5 stars
Tollywoodandhra 2.75/5 stars

The movie met with Negative Reviews, However praising Ravi Teja's Performance. Rediff gave a review stating "Daruvu may be lapped up by Ravi Teja fans but others may find it pretty dreary. If the tagline 'Sound of Mass' means that it's right for the masses, then it's got that right; a discerning audience won't find anything to cheer about.[13] NDTV gave a review stating "Daruvu suffers from gaps in reason and logic. As a socio fantasy film, it lives on as a punch line of bad movie jokes. Even Ravi Teja's comic timing and Taapsee's simpering can't resurrect a film that has gaping plot holes you could fall into."[14] IBN Live gave a review stating "Some people make films for themselves, and some others for juveniles. 'Daruvu' is a film made for the low brow. Even those given to mean enjoyment in an inebriated condition in the most godless hamlet would find this film cheap."[15] greatandhra.com gave a review stating "Overall, this is a film for those who want to see a good act from Ravi Teja but if you are expecting a wholesome entertainer then it will completely disappoint you. Muta Mestri + Yama Donga + Yamudiki Mogudu = Daruvu."[16] Oneindia Entertainment gave a review stating "Daruvu is just like any other movie of Ravi Teja. It looks like an old film narrated in a new way, an old wine in a new bottle of course. Like the old wine, which would always be very tasty as many years you keep in a bottle, in the same way Ravi Teja's comedy abilities would always make the audiences happy."[17] 123telugu.com gave a review stating "Ravi Teja continues to amaze with his incredible energy levels. His best performance comes when he portrays the role of the Home Minister with negative shades. There is a lot of potential in this fine actor and someone needs to tap that but there is not much he can do when there are a host of other issues with the film. Poor graphics, lengthy narration and bad music are glaring problems. There are a few good moments in the film, but the key word here is 'few'. Watch the movie without any expectations only if you are a Ravi Teja fan."[18] SuperGoodMovies.com gave a review stating "If you are looking for Raviteja's film without much logic and story, Daruvu may appeal to you. On the entertainment front it fails to deliver the goods."[19] Cinegoer.com gave a review stating "Daruvu is a downright delusional film for Ravi Teja fans. Clichéd is an over used term for this story, the director takes a couple of plots and dumps it in a blender with the usual consistent Ravi Teja energy and Brahmi syrup that has long passed the expiry date."[20]

Box office[edit]

The film has completed 50 days on 13 July 2012 in 56 centers. Despite received mixed reviews the film grossed 970 million at the box office. The film declared 'Hit' at the box office.[21]


The audio of the film was released on 18 April 2012 and the launch was held at Prasad labs in Hyderabad on the same day.[22] The soundtrack of the film was composed by Vijay Antony. The lyrics for the songs were written by Bhaskarabhatla, Ramajogayya Sastry, Suddala Ashok Teja and Basha Sri. Except "Thom Thom" and "Athiri Chirabara" all other songs were reused from Vijay Antony's own Tamil compositions.

Soundtrack album by
Released18 April 2012 (2012-04-18)
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelAditya Music
ProducerVijay Antony
Vijay Antony chronology
Sattam Oru Iruttarai
Track listing
1."Rajula" (Aathichudi – TN 07 AL 4777)Bhaskarabhatla Ravi KumarDinesh Kanagaratnam4:21
2."Usumalaresay" (Usumalarase – Uthamaputhiran)Basha SriVijay Antony, Janaki Iyer, Emcee Jesz4:25
3."Nijam Cheppu" (Karikalan Kala – Vettaikaran)BhaskarabhatlaNaresh Iyer, Sangeetha Rajeshwaran4:15
4."Sexy Lady" (Sexy Lady – Ninaithale Inikkum)BhaskarabhatlaBenny Dayal, Andrea Jeremiah4:24
5."Athiri Chirabara"Ramajogayya SastryHemachandra, Anitha Karthikeyan4:18
6."Thom Thom"Suddala Ashok TejaAnanthu3:09
Total length:24:12


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