Darwaz district

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Darwaz درواز Darvaz
Location of Darwaz درواز Darvaz
District Badakhshan
 • Type District council
 • Estimate ([citation needed]) 21,000

Darwaz district is a district in Badakhshan Province in Afghanistan. It is part of the historic region Darwaz which is now divided between Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Darwaz District has a population of approximately 21,000 after sub-division in 2005 which led to the formation three Districts was, (1)Maimay District , (2)Nusay District , (3)Shekay District. Currently the name Darwaz district there no in Afghanistan. The district was historically part of the Darvaz principality, a semi-independent statelet ruled by a mir.[1]

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Coordinates: 38°13′29″N 70°54′51″E / 38.22472°N 70.91417°E / 38.22472; 70.91417