Daryan Dam

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Daryan Dam
Daryan Dam is located in Iran
Daryan Dam
Location of Daryan Dam in Iran
LocationDaryan, Kermanshah Province
Coordinates35°09′07.89″N 46°18′29.81″E / 35.1521917°N 46.3082806°E / 35.1521917; 46.3082806Coordinates: 35°09′07.89″N 46°18′29.81″E / 35.1521917°N 46.3082806°E / 35.1521917; 46.3082806
PurposeWater diversion for irrigation, power
StatusUnder construction
Construction began2009
Opening date2018
Owner(s)Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co
Dam and spillways
Type of damEmbankment, rock-fill with clay-core
ImpoundsSirvan River
Height (foundation)169 m (554 ft)
Height (thalweg)146 m (479 ft)
Length368 m (1,207 ft)
Dam volume9,700,000 m3 (7,864 acre⋅ft)
Total capacity316,300,000 m3 (256,429 acre⋅ft)
Active capacity281,000,000 m3 (227,810 acre⋅ft)
Surface area10 km2 (4 sq mi)
Maximum width800 m (2,625 ft)[1]
Power Station
Commission date2018 est.
Turbines3 x 70 MW Francis-type
Installed capacity210 MW

The Daryan Dam, also spelled Darian, is an embankment dam constructed on the Sirvan River just north of Daryan in Paveh County, Kermanshah Province, Iran. The primary purpose of the dam is to supply up to 1,378,000,000 m3 (1,117,000 acre⋅ft) of water annually to the 48 km (30 mi) long Nosoud Water Conveyance Tunnel where it will irrigate areas of Southwestern Iran. The dam will also have a 210 MW hydroelectric power station. Construction on the dam began in 2009 and the dam began to fill its reservoir in late November 2015. The Darian Dam Archaeological Salvage Program (DDASP) was planned by Iranian Center for Archaeological Research before flooding the reservoir. As a result a number of important archaeological sites were discovered and some were excavated. The power station is expected to be operational at the end of 2016.[2] All works are expected to be complete by 2018.[3][4] The dam's diversion tunnel was completed in June 2011.[5] The dam was designed by Stucky of France and consultation was provided by Mahab Ghodss, International Consulting Engineering Co. In August 2010 Farab Co. won the contract to build the power station.[6][7][8] In 2011, workers on the project held a protest against unpaid wages.[9] The dam is also the subject of protest due to the forced relocations and ecological/cultural impact its reservoir will have.[10]

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