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Daryl Wesley Phillip Vaz is a Jamaican politician.[1][2] He was the Minister of Information and Telecommunications in Jamaica from March 2009 to January 2012. His party lost the election and Vaz is now opposition spokesman on Telecommunications. Vaz also serves as Minister Of Parliament for the constituency of Portland Parish Western Division. [3][4]

He was born in Saint Andrew Parish, Jamaica to Douglas and Sonia Vaz.[5] His father is a former president of the Jamaica Manufacturers Association and former Minister of Industry and Commerce.[6]

Daryl Vaz engendered some controversy over his dual United States/Jamaican nationality. His mother, Sonia, was born in Puerto Rico and thus is a United States citizen by birth, albeit also a Jamaican citizen, currently resident in Canada. In 2008 or 2009 he renounced his United States citizenship in order to remain active in Jamaican politics.[7]


Corruption Charges

Vaz was charged with corruption after an investigation into a traffic violation and bribery charge involving a close personal friend. Vaz’s friend Bruce Bicknell was ticketed on April 9, 2012, in a traffic offence and allegedly presented the police officer with JA$2000 along with vehicle documents. [8] It is alleged that Mr. Vaz told the police sergeant in the case that he would be promoted if he gave Bicknell a chance. Vaz stepped down from his shadow minister post for the Opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), as a result of the corruption charges.[9]