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Daryn Hilton
Born Daryn Hinton
(1954-12-28) December 28, 1954 (age 63)
Santa Monica, California, USA
Occupation Actress, Business manager, Businesswoman
Years active 1955-1970 aa child actress, 1976-present as Businesswoman and Manager
Parent(s) Ed Hinton
Marilynn Hinton
Relatives Darby Hinton (brother)
Darcy Hinton Cook (sister)

Daryn Hinton, born December 28, 1954, is an American former child actress who was raised in the Hollywood entertainment industry in the 1950s and 1960s. Hinton had a spiritual conversion and left the Hollywood connections behind to pursue her newfound faith.

Family and background[edit]

Born in Santa Monica, California, Hinton was raised in the Hollywood entertainment industry; she was a child actress, whose father Ed Hinton and grandfather, Edgar Latimer Hinton, were both actors. Her mother was entertainment socialite Marilynn Hinton who was president emeritus WAIF [1] and president of ANTAN (American National Theater Authorities) alongside John Forsythe.

In her autobiography, actress Jane Russell called Marilynn Hinton "Dynamite...and a walking who's who", who knew everyone important and could make anything happen.[2] Hinton's sister, Darcy Hinton Cook, was an actress [3] whose godparents were actors Steve Cochran and Denise Darcel.

Hinton's brother, Darby Hinton, is an actor, producer and was a child star[4] whose godparents were actor Charlton Heston and politician Winthrop Paul Rockefeller. Hinton's godmother's were both actresses Jane Russell and Bobo Rockefeller. Hinton was named Daryn by actor Tyrone Power after his daughter Taryn Power.[citation needed]

Hinton's father, Ed Hinton, was killed on Columbus Day 1958 in a seaplane crash in front of Daryn and her family's eyes on Catalina Island in California. Fess Parker, who played brother Darby Hinton's father Daniel Boone on the Daniel Boone TV show (1964–1970), became an important father figure to Hinton and her brother as stated by Darby Hinton at the 2010 Fess Parkers memorial in Santa Barbara, CA.[5]

Hinton grew up at 1234 Bel Air Road, East Gate Old Bel Air, Los Angeles, CA. The home was featured in Life Magazine's essays of Bel Air for its jungle-like atmosphere and pool in the living room. The Hinton's were friends with many of their celebrity neighbors including Zsa Zsa Gabor and former president Ronald Reagan. Hinton's actor father Ed Hinton was on The General Electric Theater hosted by Ronald Reagan in 1957. Upon Reagan's death, Hinton expressed her views of Reagan to the Los Angeles Times June 6, 2004. "This man made Americans feel good about being American and right now we need to remember that, especially in these difficult times," said Hinton.[6] Hinton spoke out internationally about her neighbor, former President and actor Ronald Reagan, to the Guardian UK, June 7, 2004: Daryn Hinton said it was the legendary ability of the "great communicator" to reach out to the American people that set him apart. "He was able to communicate to people how he felt about America," she said. "He was an actor, after all."[7]

Hollywood career[edit]

Hinton started acting and modeling at one year of age and was on numerous television shows and movies including the Lassie TV show, One Step Beyond, Rescue 8, Death Valley Days, Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend, The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show. Hinton worked on the crew of The Don Ho TV show and in 1979 Hinton promoted the Las Vegas Film Festival at the Cannes Film Festival with movie and TV personalities Stuart Whitman and Sivi Aberg supervising filming for Dick Clark onboard The Jolly Joker. In 1981 Hinton produced a television pilot in Hawaii starring Gilad Jankowitz using second unit Magnum, P.I. production team including Bruce Shirley. It was the first exercise show ever shot on location. Jankowitz later developed the show to be an international success called Bodies in Motion.[8]

Spiritual conversion[edit]

In 1982 after Hinton's mother's death, her life changed with a born again experience with Christ. She walked away from Hollywood connections and pursued her newfound faith. Hinton states "I became a miracle junkie, loving a one on one relationship with God, walking in miracles and feeling HIM guiding me.[9] Hinton, having never been a part of the music industry, managed three Christian bands that gained mainstream international attention.

Rock Bands[edit]

Stryper:(Managed/Financed by Hinton)[10] Hinton talks about thinking the heavy metal band Stryper was using God as a gimmick and being turned around while seeing them perform in 1984[11] in Stryper's 'In The Beginning' video.[12][13][14] Stryper is recognized as the first openly Christian heavy metal band to gain recognition in the mainstream music world.[15]

Holy Soldier: (Managed/Financed by Hinton) signed for debut record to Word Records/Myrrh Records and A&M Records.[9][16] In 1989 Hinton signed Holy Soldier to A&M records and Myrrh Records (Word Records) as that label's first Hard Rock act.[17] Their self-titled debut album was released in 1990 to critical and commercial acclaim. The band garnered two Dove Awards in 1991, in the hard rock song and album of the year categories.[18]

Charizma from Sweden: (Managed by Hinton beginning 8/8/88) They were the first Christian band signed to a Russian record label. Hinton signed them to Russia's only record label at the time, Melodiya Records releasing the record 'Rock'in The World Together.[19][9]


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