Daryush Shokof

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Daryush Shokof
Native name داریوش شکوف
Born Ali Reza Shokoufandeh
(1954-06-25) June 25, 1954 (age 61)
Tehran, Iran
Nationality Iranian
Occupation Artist, Filmmaker
Years active 1990s - present

Daryush Shokof (Persian: داریوش شکوف) (born Ali Reza Shokoufandeh) is an Iranian artist, film director, writer, and film producer. He was born in Tehran, Iran, but lives in Germany. Daryush Shokof was Born in 1954 in Tehran, Iran. He went to Kharazmi high school. Shokof Graduated from E.N.M.U., Eastern New Mexico University in the U.S.A. in Physics and Mathematics. He further received master's degree in business management, M.B.A. from U.D. in Texas, USA. Thereafter he attended arts and film in New York University.


Shokof started his arts in New York in early eighties but it was not until 1984 in Germany where he first showed his works under antenna in gallery Maerz where he started his artistic career. His art continued in Europe where he started an art movement maximalism in Germany and Italy and further in the USA in 1991. He showed his maximalist works in an art show (Psycho) alongside many notable artists in New York.The show was curated by Christian Leigh and the catalogue was prefaced by Donald Kuspit and published under the same name (Psycho);* [1]

He had a restrospective of over 100 of his works in Berlin at Koeniglische Direktion in 2003;* [2]

Shokof continued showing his works in many event oriented exhibitions mainly and mostly in Germany where he last showed a series of artworks under the title (Poison Works) in Berlin in 2014;* [3]


Shokof made his first movie, a short experimental film called Angels are Wired, in 1991. Since then he has made over 25 short and feature-length films and has written over 50 film scripts, some of which he made into movies himself.

Shokof's films have all been made independent of any studio contract[citation needed]. His film Venussian Tabutasco was shot entirely in a glass elevator and Tenussian Vaccuvasco was shot through the windows of an apartment block.though he continues making experimental films, and believes the future of cinema lays in experimental films he simultaneously does take on more standard styles of story telling with such main stream movies like "Hitler's Grave" with Vadim Glowna, and or "A2Z" with Jack Taylor acting in the lead role alongside Narges Rashidi playing in her film debut role as the lolita.

However, and regardless of different styles of filmmaking and or genre of films shokof has made it is always clear and obvious that he leaves his mark as an original film maker.

His film, Breathful, was a gangster-comedy film with an all-woman cast. The film is dedicated to the rights of women worldwide and more specifically to the freedom and rights of women in his own homeland Iran. The film reflects Shokof's belief that Iran is ruled by a brutal dictatorial Islamic republic regime which ignores the many basic rights of Iranian women. His comedy feature Flushers was shot entirely in a toilet, and Wordlessness was a complete wordless feature in 2012, in Berlin, Germany.he developed "amenic film" under which his last five feature films have been made including "flushers" and "wordlessness".he described the principle of making an amenic film is that one first shoots the film based on a solid concept and then writes the script according to the finished film. It is the process of searching for meaning through the camera and the emotional events that are unfolding in a real way before you. There is an aspect of control and then a letting go of control so that life can come in and inform the story and the visual events in a more surprising and real way than we could make happen otherwise. The key is staying awake and aware through the process in order to recognize important moments and get the proper coverage around them. Of course the true poets remain the people who do the editing afterwards.

A retrospective of his films was shown at the Babylon Theatre in Berlin, Germany in May 2014.[1]

Alleged kidnapping[edit]

Shokof claimed that he was kidnapped by four terrorists in the city of Cologne, Germany, in late May 2010, and was kept for over twelve days in the hands of four Arabic-speaking men. German police denied his statement and told the press that this story was not verifiable, and might have been staged to attract attention.[2][3]


This filmography includes only films listed in IMDB.[4]

Year Film
1990 Angels are Wired
1991 Dogs are not allowed
1996 Seven Servants
1997 Magass
2000 Tenussian Vaccuvasco
2003 She Would...
2003 Kiss, Long and Close
2004 Venussian Tabutasco
2005 A2Z
2006 Asudem
2007 Breathful
2007 Smoqing
2008 Epicalypse Now
2010 Iran Zendan
2011 Hitler's Grave
2012 Strange Stranger
2012 wordlessness
2012 Flushers
2012 Flushers 2
2012 Suicidal Girl
2015 poison works
2015 Directed by God
2015 para heaven and hell interview



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