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Das (translation: devotee[1]) is a common last name in India, among adherents of Hinduism and Sikhism, as well as those who converted to Islam or Christianity. It is a derived from the Sanskrit word Dasa (Sanskrit: दास) meaning servant of God, "devotee," or "votary". "Das" may be inferred to be one who has surrendered to God. In the Punjab region of India and Pakistan,[2] they generally belong to the Brahmin caste.[3] In Bihar and Bengal regions, they belong primarily to the Maulika Kayastha caste. The surname Das is also used by the Mahishya community of Bengal.[4][5] In Odisha, they belong to the Karana or Khandayat caste,[citation needed] the upper castes of Odisha and some belong to Gaudiya caste. Also this surname is taken by many scheduled castes in Odisha, as a means to break the caste barrier.[citation needed] The surname Das or Dass may also be found among Bengali Vaidyas and Oriya Brahmins. Bengali Vaidyas may also have surnames such as Das-Gupta/Das-Sharma.

Presently, initiated male devotees of the ISKCON tradition adopt the last name Das or Dasa upon formally entering the ISKCON community, whereas females initiates adopt the surname Dasi. The present day usage of Das, Dasa, and Dasi in Hinduism is highly respectful.[citation needed]

Das is also a Dutch last name. Das means badger in Dutch (from Proto-Indo-European language *teks-) and is found amongst the Dutch of the Netherlands.[6]

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