Boxing Kangaroo (film)

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Boxing Kangaroo
Directed by Max Skladanowsky
Produced by Max Skladanowsky
Starring Mr. Delaware
Cinematography Max Skladanowsky
Distributed by Skladanowsky (Berlin)
Release date
  • 1 November 1895 (1895-11-01)
Country German Empire
Language Silent

Boxing Kangaroo (German: Das Boxende Känguruh) is an 1895 German short black-and-white silent documentary film, directed and produced by Max Skladanowsky, which features a Kangaroo boxing against a man against a white background at the Circus Busch. The film, which premiered at the first public projection of motion pictures in Germany on 1 November 1895 (1895-11-01), was filmed on 35 mm film and is 18 feet in length.[1][2]

The "groundbreaking production", was, according to WildFilmHistory, "a huge success", which, "despite being intended for entertainment rather than as a scientific behaviour study", "revealed animal actions in a way that had never been seen before", and, "exposed the potential for future films concerning wildlife and natural history".[2]


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