Das Phantom

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Das Phantom
Das Phantom.jpg
Based on Das RAF-Phantom
Written by
  • Dennis Gansel
  • Maggie Peren
  • Ekkehard Sieker (novel)
  • Wolfgang Landgraeber (novel)
  • Gerhard Wisnewski (novel)
Directed by Dennis Gansel
Theme music composer Rainer Kühn
Original language(s) German
Cinematography Axel Sand
Editor(s) Jochen Retter
Running time 95 minutes
Original release May 4, 2000

Das Phantom (The Phantom) is a 2000 German thriller TV movie directed by Dennis Gansel.[1] It is based on the book Das RAF-Phantom[2] and stars Jürgen Vogel.


Policeman Leon Kramer (Vogel) and his partner Pit (Sözer) are observing two people in a car. When Kramer goes to fetch some coffee the two people in the car and Pit are killed. Suspicion draws on him and very soon his boss is killed too and he becomes a fugitive. He gets to know that one of the two he observed was an ex-Red Army Faction-terrorist and the other one his former lawyer. A friend of the lawyer (Berricke) contacts Kramer and gives him information about the RAF and so does the father of the dead terrorist. He gets to know that there's maybe a conspiracy of important people of the government who use terrorist groups for their purpose. And now they want his life... [3]



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