Das edle Herz, WAB 66

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Das edle Herz
Secular choral work by Anton Bruckner
A-Bruckner Büste 1.jpg
Anton Bruckner monument in Linz
KeyA major
CatalogueWAB 66
TextErnst Marinelli
ComposedDecember 1857 (1857-12): Linz
Published1932 (1932): Regensburg
VocalSATB choir

Das edle Herz ("The noble heart"), WAB 66, is a song composed by Anton Bruckner in December 1857 during his stay in Linz. During his stay in St. Florian, Bruckner had already composed a first setting of the song for men's choir, WAB 65.[1]


Bruckner composed the second setting of the work on the same text of Ernst Marinelli in December 1857 during his stay in Linz. It is not known whether the work, which was composed possibly on request of Liedertafel Frohsinn for a performance as mixed choir,[2] was performed during Bruckner's life.[3][2]

The original manuscript of the work is lost. A sketch of the work is stored in the archive of Enns.[3][2]

The work, of which a copy was issued in Band III/2, pp. 13-17, of the Göllerich/Auer biography,[3][2] is issued in Band XXIII/2, No. 12 of the Gesamtausgabe.[4]


The second stetting of Das edle Herz is in the same key and is 8-bars shorter than the first setting of the song.

The 38-bar long work in 4/4 is scored in A major for SATB choir. The score ends with a 4-bar, instead of 13-bar, chorale.[3][2]


There is as yet no commercial recording of this second setting of Das edle Herz.

Note: A performance by Stephen Cleobury with the BBC Choir (2011) is put in the Bruckner Archive: Charter Oak COR-2178 (box of 2 CDs)[5].


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