Das einfache Mädchen

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Das einfache Mädchen
Directed by Werner Jacobs
Produced by Artur Brauner
Written by Curth Flatow
Eckart Hachfeld (de)
Starring Caterina Valente
Rudolf Prack
Music by Heinz Gietz (de)
Cinematography Friedl Behn-Grund
Edited by Jutta Hering
Distributed by Gloria Film
Release date
Running time
94 min.
Country West Germany
Language German

Das einfache Mädchen is a 1957 West German musical comedy film directed by Werner Jacobs and produced by Artur Brauner. It starred Caterina Valente, Rudolf Prack and Ruth Stephan.[1]


Caterina Bastiani, a talented young actress, is offered the leading role in a musical. This is her big break but the author of the novel on which the musical is based is less than pleased about this adaption — and he does not think much of Caterina. Caterina meets a girl by accident who has applied to work for the author as a maid. She takes the girl's place in order to prove her talent as an actress and shows up at the author's home as the new maid herself.[1]



Das einfache Mädchen was directed by German director Werner Jacobs and produced by Artur Brauner. It is based on an idea by Curth Flatow who also wrote the screenplay, together with Eckart Hachfeld (de).[1] The working title was Bravo, Caterina. Horst Wendlandt was line producer and Brauner's wife, Maria, was in charge of costume design.[1] Filming took place in May 1957 at the CCC Studios in Berlin.[1]

The film premiered on 23 August 1957 at the Thalia in Wiesbaden.[1]


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