Dash! Yonkuro

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Dash! Yonkuro
Dash yonkuro 02.jpg
Dash! Yonkuro volume 1 front cover
(Dasshu! Yonkarō)
Genre Action, Tournament, Comedy
Written by Zaurus Tokuda
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Children
Magazine CoroCoro Comic
Original run December 1987March 1992
Volumes 14
Anime television series
Directed by Hiroshi Sasagawa
Studio Staff 21, Aubekku & Tokyu Agency
Licensed by Studio PV (Italy)
Animation International Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Original network Junior TV, TV Tokyo
Original run October 3, 1989March 27, 1990
Episodes 25
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Dash! Yonkuro (ダッシュ!四駆郎, Dasshu! Yonkurō?) is a Japanese manga series created by Zaurus Tokuda. The manga was adapted into an anime TV series consisting of only one season of 26 episodes aired by TV Tokyo.



Dash! Yonkuro was serialized in the monthly CoroCoro Comic from December 1987 until March 1992. The growing popularity of the comic strip resulted in an animated adaptation, financed by the Tamiya Corporation.

Zaurus Tokuda was a prolific writer of Mini 4WD comics, including: "Kaze no racer! Otokogi (The Wind Racer! Otokogi)", "Dash 10" and "Mirai Boy Racer! V-twin (The Racer of the Future! V-twin)".

In 2015, Hyper Dash! Yonkuro, a revival/spin-off series, authored by Hiroyuki Takei (under Tokuda's family approval), began serialization in CoroCoro Aniki magazine.


Auvek, Shogakukan Productions Co., Ltd., Staff 21, Tamiya Plastic Model Corporation, Tokyu Agency, Abukekku and Zaurus Tokuda collaborated to produce the animated series. Dash! replaced Mister Ajikko and aired on TV Tokyo from October 3, 1989 to March 27, 1990 with a season of 25 Episodes.

Dash! Yonkuro was also eventually distributed overseas in Italy, South Korea, the Arab World and the Philippines. The anime was broadcast in Italy and South Korea in the early nineties, and Malaysia in 1996.

Featured toy vehicles[edit]

The contests in this work come carried out are on sterrati tracings, going behind blot some and controlling them through of the said maces "guide sticks", it is in of the tracks constructed purposely for the Mini 4WD.

Tamiya produced numerous new Mini 4WD from 1986 to 1989, some like for tradition, the models are uniquely designed, others instead were reproductions of radio control (R/C) cars, they therefore produced the first Mini 4WD independent from the use of remote controls: Dash-1 Emperor (model# 18012), Dash-2 Burning Sun (model# 18015), Rising Bird (model# 18017), Dash-3 Shooting Star (model# 18019), Dash-4 Cannonball (model# 18022) and Dash-5 Dancing Doll (model# 18023).

First chassis and tune-up parts[edit]

Type-1 chassis, the first Mini 4WD chassis using rollers begins the production of tune-up parts and motors for the Racing Mini 4WD and the commercialization of particular tracks to race for these cars. They however produced two new chassis, Type-2 and Type-3.

Type-2 made its debut with the Avante Junior (18014), and was the new concept of Mini 4WD racing: center of gravity lower than Type-1, various ratios for faster gears (5:1 and 4.2:1), more aerodynamic and FRP (fiber reinforcment plate) installations.

Type-2 introduced removable shaft receivers for ball bearings and better roller angling that would have allowed one Mini 4WD to bounce in a less traumatic way on the walls of the tracks (or the shovels of the stick).

Type-3 made its debut with the Rising Bird, is an evolution of Type-1 and the most unusual way of the motor being placed upside-down, big pinion gear and ribbed gear shaft easier gear change ( 6.4:1 and 5:1 instead of 4:1). Models with Type-3 chassis are the models once produced in 1986 with the Type-1 and reproduced in 1988 with the new chassis.


The story is a succession of races in fancy routes (pyramids, labyrinths, etc.) and tracks fit to make the cars race. During the series run, many characters will appear, like Momotaro (and his Mini 4WD, Crimson Glory, DashWarriors'last obstacle towards the final victory), Sabu Kinjiro (Aero Solitude) and also Jin that will race the Hell Rally with a new Mini4wd, the la Proto Emperor ZX (the previous one was the Dash-X1 Proto Emperor, defeated in the regional finals by Yonkuro's then new mini4wd, the Dash-01 Super Emperor). The tracks become always more harder and the stories unlikely (in a volume of the manga, is mentioned that even the prehistoric children used mini4wd-like cars built with natural materials like wood and leaves that would be pushed by the wind), the story always will focus even more on which one would be the true "Emperor", it will be discovered are many mini4wds with this title that will confront against Yonkuro's Emperor, until the epilogue, in the epic challenge of the Hell Rally.

in this race Yonkuro will challenge a group of delinquents that want to take advantage of the best mini4wd racers to manage recovering a treasure hidden during the World War II by the nazis. Between his opponents there will be a revived Ken Hinomaru, ready to challenge the son and test his abilities with his new mini 4wd, the Dash-0 Infinite Boundless. In the end, Yonkuro, helped by his teammates (now far from racing, but always bound by a deep friendship), triumphs with his new car, the Liberty Emperor.


Yonkuro (second) and the Dash Warriors team

Main characters[edit]

Dash Warriors (Dash Corps)[edit]

Yonkuro Hinomaru (日ノ丸 四駆郎, Hinomaru Yonkurō?)
Voiced by: Masako Nozawa
He is the series' title main character and also the leader of the Dash!Warriors team. He is the boy with "the feather in the head" and his mini4wd is the Dash-1 Emperor.
Yonkuro is a mini4wd-enthusiast boy , Compared to his teammates, Yonkuro has a risky racestyle that aims to an overall efficinecy in every route. His recklessness will bring always his mini4wd beyond the limits, to the point that he always will have the need to replace it due to the damages received and in order to compete with even more formidable opponents.
Yonkuro's final goal is to take part at the Hell Rally, to honor his father, -that he believes to be dead while taking part to the Hell Rally- and to win. With such a dream in mind, Alan tries to become the best racer of the country and to convince many of his coetaneous that the Mini4wd cars are racing cars in miniature and not toys like most people believe.
Towards the end of the series, in the national races (seen only on the manga) he remains the only Dash Warriors' present and always active member. After leading the Dash Warriors to success in the final against Momotaro's team and their Crimson Glory, the las part of Dash!Yonkuro's story begins. Yonkuro finally will take part to the Hell Rally's last stage, the race that turn out the final goal: it was organised by delinquents that wanted to retrieve a treasure hidden by the nazis during the World War II, the Hell Rally is organised, so that the mysterious artefact, taking advantage from the best racers' abilities, in the vain attempt to discover the treasure's exact location. With the help of the other Dash Warriors, Yonkuro finally will manage to thwart the delinquents' plan and to win the race. At the end of the saga, Yonkuro will fulfill his dream of being a real scale car racer.
The name Yonkuro is a word pun: the word "Yonku" in Japanese means "four-wheel drive", while his Dash-1 Emperor is the result of a contest organised by Shogakukan, through which it was chosen the design of a new Mini4wD, that later, modified by the author, will become the ultimate model.

Machines Used:

  • Boomerang Jr.
  • Jet Boomerang
  • Emperor
  • Super Emperor
  • Great Emperor
  • Liberty Emperor
  • Geo Emperor
  • Formula Horizon (only 1 time)
Dankuro Toda (戸田 弾九郎, Toda Dankurō?)/Tankuro (タンクロー, Tankurō?)
Voiced by: Tessho Genda

He is the Dash Warriors' second member and his mini4wd is the Dash-2 Burning Sun. Tankuro is a stout and very kind boy, even if at the beginning when he meets Yonkuro he seems a bit grumpy. His golden heart and his sacrifice spirit will reveal important to his team to access to the Mini4wd national tournament, despite his machine is not very fast. The quality and the style of Tankuro and his car are represented by the power of the car itself: increasing such power to the maximum at the expense of speed, the Dash-2 Burning Sun can be defined doubtlessly the most powerful and resistant car of the team. Shortly before the national finals, Tankuro will leave the team at the moment, realising of his opponents' strength and the not exaggerated confidence in him demonstrated by Yonkuro. He is seen again in the Momotaro team, the team that he should have faced in the finals, but his was not a betrayal: Tankuro, in fact took advantage of the situation to learn the use of the Front Motor chassis (F.M. Chassis) and to build Dash-2 Burning Sun's evolution, the Dash-02 Neo Burning Sun, a Mini4wd made even more powerful and innovative thanks to the then innovation of the front motor. During the last acts of the final race, in the attempt of crossing for first the finish line in the top of a building, he will use the condenser circuit of Pankuro's Dash-4 Cannonball, resulting in his mini4wd breaking into pieces after a few meters, but this sacrifice will be useful to Yonkuro, that thinks up an idea to win the race. At the end of the saga, during a reunion with the former teammates, all of them now grown up, he makes his last appearance.

The name Tankuro is a word pun with the word tank "Tank", referring to Tankuro's body mass and racing style. The word Tank even appears in the hood of the car.

Machine Which Used:

  • Hot Shot Jr.
  • Burning Sun (太陽)
  • Neo Burning Sun/Burning Sun FMR version (新太陽)
  • Wild Saurus (恐竜)
  • Blazing Sun (超太陽)
Shinkuro Minami (南 進駆郎, Minami Shinkurō?)
Voiced by: Toshihiko Seki

The rich boy who lives in a coastal residence. Desiring the fact that he stands in apex of the Mini-4WD boundaries, he tries to walk the road of loneliness, but fou running with in fight and interchange it awakes in friendship, participates in the dash corps. As for main machine "Dash-3 Shooting Star" of top speed concern. The extent which destroys condition in worry that the flat tire low/row with the unique close friend, he is not in the place of game. The Shin running being born, the parents divorced promptly, had lived with the mother and the older sister and 3 people, but in order to make the successor of the company of the father who remarries it came to the point of with being received in the south house. After that, it owed the scar of the cross to amount centering on the racing team of the older sister. The scar went out with operation, but when heart burns, like the south cruciform star it appears, it seems. There is a "southern cross express" the incompleteness as a shooting skill necessary. Also technology of remodelling was high, invented the stabilizer pole with improvisation. Shifting the counter gear, the body which accompanies shaft revolution twist it offsets and so on, it handles also complicated remodelling. With the black wind compilation, Mini 4WD, he runs to crisis.

Machine Which Used:

  • Falcon Jr. Custom (6V remodelled car)
  • Shooting Star (流星)
  • Super Shooting Star
Koji Jimi (地味 頁二, Jimi Kōji?)/Punkuro (パンクロー, Pankurō?)
Voiced by: Kyousei Tsukui

Childhood friend of Shinkuro Minami. It has the guitar always with the flat tire make-up. The plain page two which is autonym the guitarist of the Led Zeppelin, the jitsu is thought also jimipeiji as the thing. In state of the element the soft unkind treatment it is dense with air weakness. It is not possible when it does not have the make-up, what to talk back and/or to resist. Changes to the rocker disposition whose is instantaneously wears the make-up personality strong. The machine uniting to be proud quickly, pace manufacturer part of the Shin. As for the main machine "Dash-4 The Cannonball" of acceleration force concern with, as for speed of start dash following of other things is not permitted. In addition, accumulating electricity, it lets flow to the motor, the "condenser circuit" is built in, but the application limit is the one time drill, furthermore after use you say that the machine itself causes large explosion, because "of the sword circuit of the blades" of hitting each other at the same time preparedness, to use, the preparedness which is suitable is needed. In the nationwide conference 2 game ninja [uoriazu] game, the machine which the offshoot is done was penetrated with travelling sound. In flat tire state the face is effective even in gang of hot-rodders of local end, as a name guitarist of the flat tire band which is formed with the family member is known. With the black wind compilation, Mini 4WD when it runs to crisis.

Machine Which Used:

  • Super Dragon Jr.
  • Cannonball(弾丸)
  • Cannonball Wail
Rinko Sumeragi (皇 輪子, Sumeragi Rinko?)
Voiced by: Rei Sakuma

Younger sister of dash corps supervision and imperial fine fellow. Being strong, wisdom. Buffer agent part of the dash corps which adjusts inside the team. As a main machine, straight speed concern, it equips the fan in the fuselage rear surface and the inversion accident impossible machine "Dash-5 which acquires down fourth to friend dance (The Dancing Doll)" it has. At the beginning girl hair type such as twin tail and dumpling hair was many, but since trying it will be denounced the fact that it is the woman in race/lace in the reason, it will shave the hair with the cutter and probably to drop, it became many to make the long hair of straight. With the black wind compilation, Mini-4WD as it runs to crisis.

Machine Which Used:

  • Hornet Jr.
  • Dancing Doll (舞伎)
  • Dame the Dancing Doll

Secondary Characters[edit]

Kaidanji Sumeragi (皇快男児, Sumeragi Kaidanji?)
Voiced by: Ryusei Nakao

Older brother of Rinko. To be dash corps supervision, the real parent of all the dash series. He participate in Hell Rally as a navigator of the source 4WD, the scar of the face is the damage which it owes on midst of rally.

Wankuro (The Dog) (ワンクロー, Wankurō?)

Which the Shinkuro Minami has raised secretly at the one claw shrine. Four running with it comes to the point of from time of game of the Shinkuro being raised by the imperial boat, becomes emblem existence of from now on dash corps.

Genta (ゲンタ, Genta?)

Which it tries it will pick up the emperor whom source thickly 4WD lose, probably to recover that with you have a match from 4WD. It is defeated in four running, that calls it reaches the top "the older brother" in opportunity and the point where you yearn. The cartoonist who cannot be sold in neighborhood has lived, illustration of the wild mini- four running which that cartoonist designed was brought to the imperial origin. Those where it is designed on the basis of the illustration were the dinosaur, it had reached the point where unnoticed you use that as your own love car. It registers as supplementation of the dash corps from the mini- four running championship nationwide conferences. With Musashi, the dash warriors was supported. At the time of dash corps dispersion you exchanged the new sun and the dinosaur of the tank low/row, you participated in also the hell caravan being newly born one member of the dash corps.

Machine Which Used:

  • Emperor (Mini 4WD lose)
  • Emperor (source it is thick handmade)
  • Wild Saurus
  • Neo Burning Sun
Musashi (武蔵, Musashi?)

Moby Dick, the son of the manager of the Pavilion of the city's fine dining Hazime Hutoshi. They are proud of the Mini 4WD off-road machine originally mini 4WD Use a white whale. Yonkuro was lost and only had 4x4 Mini Wairudomini to deepen exchanges thereafter. Register as a substitute for the dash from the Army National Tournament Championship Mini 4WD. National competition in the semifinals, unable to participate for reasons of poor maintenance Yonkuro's 4WD machine, the emperor played over borrowed.

Machine Which Used:

  • Moby Dick (Mobidikku)


U, U2[edit]

Master Po (, ?)

Team "U" director. Law and Qigong with superhuman physical abilities. Ichiro source drive, the broth of a boy have known the Emperor.

Jin Kidōin (鬼道院 陣, Kidōin Jin?)
Voiced by: Nakamura Hidetoshi

Leader of theTeam "U" and Monk of the小輪寺超絶房(shō-rin-ji chō-zetsu-bou). The team joined the army made a dash before the Sumeragi. Proto Emperor (原始皇帝)was the original machine that was used. Shoe says "demon." he apprenticed to a 博 (Po) for seeking strongly body. After the final qualification, the cooperation of the Corps who will dash. For training, that occasion in the past is to travel the country, meet Momotaro kido fake hospital incident.

Lost black wind, but realized the immaturity of his own into the training, Yonkuro,Genta and Momotaro vs Goro tactics anger in black like a black wind, drove Proto Emperor ZX(原始大帝) decide to join nascent army dash.

Machine Which Used:

  • Original Emperor (Dash X-1 Proto Emperor )
  • Great primitive (Proto Emperor ZX)
  • Proto Emperor
Jun Kato (加藤 隼, Katō Jun?)
Voiced by: Morikawa Tomoyuki

Team "U" member of the main temple chamber-eyed bunch of small wheels.

Machine Which Used:

  • Black Fighter
Rei Ando (Andō Rei) (安藤礼, Andō Rei?)

Team "U" member of the main bunch bunch of small-wheeled Hercules temple.

Machine Which Used:

  • Black Bomber
Aoi Hyūga (日向 葵, Hyūga Aoi?)
Voiced by: Minami Takayama

Team "U" member of the main bunch bunch of small-wheeled speedster temple. Known as "Sunflower". Are always hiding their faces with bangs, she discovered and drive progress in the fight against Lang.

Hell has also participated in leading the women's team caravan.

Machine Which Used:

  • Black Chopper
Sou Kanzaki (神崎操, Kanzaki Sou?)
Voiced by: Shinichiro Michi

Team "U" member of the chamber parallel to the main temple bunch of small circle. When the game is lost to Lang and 4WD small wheel in the temple. Something that the Academy's training trip accompanied kido.

Machine Which Used:

  • Black Attacker
Himeko Kidoin (鬼道院 姫子, Kidōin Himeko?)
Voiced by: Onodera Keiko

"U2" leader. Members is "Princess" is called. Sister team.

Machine Which Used:

  • Crusader (Kuruseida - Avante Jr.'s Custom)
Fujiyama (富士山, Fujiyama?)

"U2" member.

Machine Which Used:

  • Crusader (Avante Jr.'s Custom)

Momotaro Samurai Team[edit]

Momotaro Kibi (木尾 桃太郎, Kibi Momotarō?)

Okayama representative "Momotaro Samurai" team leader. Furontomiddoshippumashin Crimson placed in front of the chassis motor G is used. Hall Institute of friendship with the demons have a real hospital case fake demon temple. A dash to join a nascent army as hell, and the defeat of black wind, the feeling that the dog will bite time is increasing steadily not deny the appearance of sand cloth.

Machine Which Used:

  • Crimson G (Glory)
Tota Inugami (犬神 闘太, Inugami Tota?)

Okayama representative "Momotaro Samurai" team members. The original racer together plain area, the goal was to represent the district when the team was invited to put a representative in the race lost the Peach Boy, Momotaro Samurai joined the team since.

Machine Which Used:

  • Crimson T
Kiziro Okuyama' (奥山 喜次郎, Okuyama Kizirō?)

Okayama representative "Momotaro Samurai" team members. The original racer together mountainous area, the area was to be represented, when the team was invited to put a representative in the race lost the Peach Boy, Momotaro Samurai joined the team since. When there is a vacancy in the gears of the machine Momotaro National Convention, destroying their machines, Momotaro committed to victory.

Machine Which Used:

  • Crimson E
Akahiko Saruwatari (猿渡 赤彦, Saruwatari Akahiko?)

Okayama representative "Momotaro Samurai" team members. The original racer together Konno village, district representatives had hoped, when the team was invited to put a representative in the race lost to Momotaro, Momotaro Samurai joined the team since.

Machine Which Used:

  • A Crimson
Souitiro Kibi (木尾 走一, Kibi Souitiro?)

Okayama representative "Momotaro Samurai" team coach. Momotaro's grandfather. Kurimuzonshirizu made drawings based on written sources Yonkuro Hinomaru drive.

Mini 4WD Championship Participants[edit]

Masashi Daido (大道 将志, Daido Masashi?)
Voiced by: Suzuki Kiyonobu

"Herusu Kids" ace in the captain. Whether there twice in the bulk mate, fair play like. Hell has also participated in leading a team caravan.

Saito (斎藤, Saitō?)
Voiced by: Horimoto To

"Herusu Kids" members. The first round of races and two army dash.

Fujita (藤田, Fujita?)
Voiced by: Matsuo Takashi

"Herusu Kids" members. The first round of races and two army dash.

Kazuki Yamamori (山森 一騎, Yamamori Kazuki?)
Voiced by: Abe Atsushi

"Herusu Kids" members. Daido Cup race with a second round of the second dash and corps.

Sugita (杉田, Sugita?)
Voiced by: Inaba Mitsunori

"Herusu Kids" members. Daido Cup races with the second round and third dash corps.

Hiroshi (ヒロシ, Hiroshi?)

"Herusu Kids Health" alternate, substitute with any other team in the championship, "Desuparedo" play for. The participants played a game with Ichiro that Yonkuro, kids lost in the first round health.

Taich Morohosi (諸星 太一, Morohosi Taitii?) (one-edged splitting)

A team consisting of five children, "Brothers planets" members. Dash Warriors and participated in by qualifying in the area are also a national tournament quarterfinals. Dash Corps hear us, to check one's RC is to challenge, and lose out by Yonkuro wit.


"Jet team" members. Ability to participate in the qualifying semi-final is less glamorous areas. Hall Institute, led by U semifinals defeated demon.

Machine Which Used:

  • Big Wig Jr.
Yonma Yoshimoto (吉本 四磨, Yonma Yoshimoto?)

Osaka, western representative "Yoshimoto" team leader. In the Kansai region famous "Yoshimoto pop." Lang was a game and in cases of Urusena 4WD. Tuning is called God, and afflicted the national tournament quarterfinals dash Corps exact machine on stage decorated with a distinctive remodeling.

Hachiro Oga (男鹿 八郎, Oga Hachiro?)
Akita representative "phantom" team leader. The name was listed as a potential winner can not end the story involved.
Keiko Shoya (翔矢 恵子, Shouya Keiko?)

Tokyo Representative East "Heavy Metal Army (Warriors)" leader. The name was listed as a potential winner, the Dash Corps and participated in the semifinal only three substitute emperor.

Jigokumaru Enma (閻魔 地獄丸, Enma Jigokumaru?)

Mie representative "Ninja Warrior" leader. The team joined the army before the Emperor made a dash, use a shadow emperor. After we had learned the art of invisibility team went to the MIE. To defeat that one difference between the bumper to match against the second half track down a legion in the first half dash advantage of ninja tactics. After the game, things are said to participate in national competition three emperors.

Machine Which Used:

  • Shadow Emperor (X-Shadoenpera dash 5)
Kyoko Hijiri (聖 響子, Hijiri Kyouko?)

Tokyo Representative East "Heavy Metal Army (Warriors)" in the alternate, a true leader. Has joined the team before the imperial army made a dash, use the sacred emperor. One of the three emperors. Lang's clever scheme to defeat before fighting their way back the 4WD can overwhelm the performance and how to fight with Goro 4WD machine.

Machine Which Used:

  • Holy Emperor (Goddoenpera)
Emperor Fujin (風神皇帝, Hurricane Emperor?)

Tokyo Representative East "Heavy Metal Army (Warriors)" in the alternate, three emperors. Has joined the team before the imperial army made a dash, use the Wind God Emperor.

Machine Which Used:

  • Emperor Fujin (風神皇帝)
Emperor Mage (魔道皇帝, Devil Emperor?)

Tokyo Representative East "Heavy Metal Army (Warriors)" in the alternate, three emperors. The team joined the army before the Emperor made a dash, use the magic emperor.

Machine Which Used:

  • Emperor Mage (魔道皇帝)

Black Wind Chapter[edit]

Kinjiro Sabu (砂布 欽二郎, Sabu Kinjirou?)

The mysterious boy Crimson Solitude Furontomiddoshippumashin using different strains. Crimson Solitude The G was created based on the drawings left by Ichiro Furontomiddoshippumashin drive as the source. Oni said Hall Institute "If you join a team national tournament if he was told absolutely winning." Appearance and name of the Moomin and the Snufkin that the motif. But in the Sakuchū Kinji Ichiro, field book about the characters are written "欽次 - Qīn cì". The help of a man in black later clarified the portion of the drawing Furontomiddoshippumashin black filled, Earosorichudo to complete. Part filled black is said to set retrofit written by "waste of the same principle-driven injection oil" had been explained, in the play it decreases the driving force difference between driving and jet oil was no .

Machine Which Used:

  • Solitude
  • Aero Solitude
Gale (烈風, Reppu?)

Black style leader. Use black wind 2WD. Yonkuro's after losing a battle with 4WD is effectively expelled from the black wind, and to present a united front after Yonkuro.

Machine Which Used:

  • Black Wind (Mistral Black)
  • Black Wind (same name but different shapes performance)

Shimabukuro;Shimabukuro (島袋, Shimabukuro?)

Captain of the team in Okinawa area. Use the mini-submarine and 4WD Nunchaku-stick Okinawa Karate style. After losing to the Yonkuro's gale winds will be a black leader.

Machine Which Used:

  • (Name unknown Mini 4WD Submarine)
  • Black Wind


Black elder style. The rally participants from hell, after a dead heat source in the car and driven underground Lang Island, Orochi, meets with an accident suffered serious injury. Created a blueprint for the black wind driven sources Yonkuro.

Other Characters[edit]

Genkurō Hinomaru (日の丸 源駆郎, Hinomaru-Genkurō?) (re-take initially atomic Maru The fire)
Voiced by: Nakamura Hideo

Father of Yonkuro. Racer. Horizon owners. The modifications to Supaenpera broth of a boy received from Imperial, Guretoenpera created. During the rally hell, which is missing. In the Amazon in South America, as has been said that God helped the girls division of the lake. Six feet loincloth wore. May have escaped from the crisis instead of a loincloth rope.

Infrared remote control at the horizon (acceleration and deceleration, steering), including features, has a very high technology. The name and car number on the horizon instead of drive Ichiro named by sources, is only to be told in Sakuchū on their own, called Imperial.

Hell during the rally, after a dead heat in the basement of the Island, Orochi, now meets with an accident amnesia. Then he spent months quietly in the basement of the island Orochi.

Machine Which Used:

  • Mercedes-Benz G-Class (vehicle, initially fought Larry hell)
  • Horizon (Horizon)
  • Supaenpera (Guretoenpera before modification)
  • Guretoenpera (Supaenpera overhauled)
  • Distant Horizon (Horizon Bound less)

Jackie "Jack" Sakata

People come to bring the army under the dash horizon. In delivering the horizon, was intended to convey a safe source driven Yonkuro, brought the race to know with infrared remote control capabilities to the horizon, and legion unexpected dash to struggle will be imposed. Lang looks exactly like the source drive to the appearance of unkempt long hair and side whiskers, 4x4 Ichiro had me confused with my father delivered horizon.

Nanny (ナニー, Nanī?)
Voiced by: Kataoka Tomie

Yonkuro's grandmother. The animation was also serving as a cheerleader in support.

Maedo (前戸, Maedo?)
Voiced by: Yamaguti Shiyouhei

To: four wheel drive mini race commentary charge. Tamiya belongs publicity department (then) known as the "before her" and modeled on Mr. Maeda Yasuyuki with this, but a mole in the same position as himself, and glasses instead of sunglasses.

President Miyata (宮田会長, Miyata kaichō?)

The Japanese Mini 4WD Association president, was a trial run at the national competition championship ceremony. Mini 4WD Association president yet, "switch it somewhere?" Remarks that person.

Anna Kawai (河合アナ, Kawai Ana?)
Voiced by: Nishihara Kumiko

Live announcer in charge of Mini 4WD championship.

Anzai (安西, Anzai?)

House butler south.

Fuko (風子, Fuuko?)

Jiro's sister drive progress. After her parents divorced, lived with his mother and three in custody until the drive home Yonkuro progress south. The team is participating in Sazankurosukantori.


Captain of the whole conditional clauses are scum. And fighting against piracy, but to tell the tale of triumph and escape from the tomb of the boat and, truth is not clear.

Place the caravan hell "Orochi Island," took to the nascent army dash.

Old man Cockroach (ゴキブリじじい, Gokiburi Jijī?) (Ōrudomango Kiburi)

Yopparai that roost on the site of District agencies. The former engineer, now disused C62 has been developed as a treasure.

After starting the scrap shop.

Urusena Ireton

F-1 drivers. Italian GP was the continued slump since the accident, and four polished look of a desperate struggle to remember F1 Spirit Yonkuro. The model, of course, be responsible for triggering a boom in F1 at the time Ayrton Senna.


Army camp using the dash, the son of a certain hot springs spa town. God's plan to boost the swamp.


Boy living in the Amazon in South America. Divine says, with a horizon-like machine.


Girls living in the Amazon in South America. Divine says, with a horizon-like machine.


The boy was carried into the hospital tank is low. Radio call sign, "Yonkuro." The first race was held on the Stars and surgeries, the Kabuki dance played in the chassis and body is S. Lang upstream 4WD.

Ichiban Hoshi (一番星, Ichiban Hoshi?)

Satoshi wireless fellow truck driver.

C · T

Larry Lang companion source drive. Mini 4WD is also a friend.


C · T in childhood, and nuns. Accused of being witches.

Xena Ireton

Brazilian RC · F1 racer. Poor, there are two brothers and one sister.

Alejandro Jose

RC · F1 Championship in Brazil. Xena tried to buy.

Zaurus Tokuda

徳田ザウルス (Tokuda Zaurusu ?)
Voiced by: Zaurus Tokuda

The cartoonist living in the downtown area sell, the appearance of a potted flower head. Zaurus Tokuda identity of the creator of the work is saying. And the familiar face Genta. Zaurus is a sketch based on imperial "Wild Zaurus" were fabricated.

Mountain Jaw (アゴ山, Ago-Yama?) (Agoyama)
Voiced by: Ueda Toshiya

Mini 4WD Team "Hirusu Kids" representative director. Yonkuro says 4WD, Agogorira.


  1. Dash Warriors' First Battle
  2. Yonkuro, Soaked Up with Emperor
  3. The Scariest Pyramid
  4. Exits The Maze
  5. Scallion's Counter Attack
  6. Mini 4WD vs. RC
  7. Emperor is Missing
  8. Deathmatch! The Wind Valley Battle
  9. Battle! The Tornado Valley
  10. Jumped Over the Rosary Hill
  11. The Miracle of Windmill Valley
  12. The New Challenge
  13. The Horizon Fellowers
  14. To Lose a Skateboard
  15. The Five Skills of Shurin Temple
  16. The Emperor is on a Dangerous Crisis
  17. The Legendary Horizon
  18. The Legendary History
  19. Another Legend
  20. The Black Devil Warriors
  21. Get Ready for the Finals
  22. Go For It, Shinkuro!
  23. Who Will Able to Win!?
  24. Warrior's Holiday
  25. An Endless Challenge


Japanese Staff[edit]

Production Staff[edit]

  • Series Director: Hiroshi Sasagawa
  • Chief Director: Hitoshi Nanba, Yuji Mutoh
  • Music: Keita Miyahara
  • Original creator: Zaurus Tokuda
  • Animation director: Hiroshi Suzuki
  • Planning/Co-Production: Tokyu Agency
  • Producer:
Shinsuke Kurabayashi (TV Tokyo)
Mami Ohara (Tokyu Agency)
Hideo Adachi (Staff 21)
Tetsuo Sugano (Staff 21)
  • Animation Producer: Yūji Yatabe (Auvek)
  • Production Team: Tōru Ishizaka (Auvek)
  • Series Configuration: Takashi Yamada
  • Screenplay:
Takashi Yamada
Hiroko Naka
Kiichi Takayama
Miho Maruo
  • Chief Director: Hiroshi Sasagawa
  • Director: Hitoshi Nanba
  • Storyboard Director:
Hiroshi Sasagawa
Yūji Mutō
Tameo Kohanawa
Jun'ichi Sakata
Hiroshi Jinsenji
Shunji Yoshida
Yūji Yamaguchi
Shigeru Ueda
Makoto Sokuza
Shigeru Omachi etc.
  • Character Design: Daiji Suzuki
  • Executive Animation Director: Daiji Suzuki
  • Animation Director:
Daiji Suzuki
Ken'ichi Ishimaru
Kenzō Koizumi
Shin'ichi Shōji
Norifumi Kiyozumi etc.
  • Art Director: Torao Arai
  • Director of Photography: Hiroaki Matsuzawa (Trans Arts)
  • Music: Keita Miyahara
  • Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
  • Sound Producer: Tōru Nakano
  • Cooperation Casting: Produce 81
  • Production:
Shogakukan Productions Co., Ltd.
Staff 21
Tamiya Plastic Model Corporation
Zaurus Tokuda

Italian Staff[edit]

Voice Characters[edit]

  • Davide Garbolino as Alan dei Nobili Guerrieri (Yonkuro Hinomaru)
  • Veronica Pivetti as Stella dei Nobili Guerrieri/Turbo (Rinko Sumeragi)
  • Gabriele Calindri as Ciccio Sprint dei Nobili Guerrieri (Tankuro)
  • Daniele Demma as Davide dei Nobili Guerrieri (Shinkuro Minami)
  • Federico Danti as Francesco, fond. dei Nobili Guerrieri (Kaidanji Sumeragi)
  • Roberto Colombo as Damiano, Alan's father (Yonkuro's Father)
  • Aldo Stella as Aldo dei Nobili Guerrieri
  • Alessandra Karpoff as Veronica
  • Caterina Rochira as Nonna di Alan
  • Luca Sandri as Mauro, 1° telecronista
  • Marina Massironi as Monica, 2° telecronista
  • Mario Scarabelli as Paolone dei Diavoli
  • Monica Parlante as Crimilde degli U2
  • Pietro Ubaldi as Monaco
  • Salvatore Landolina as Jim dei Guerrieri Neri

Production Staff (Italy)[edit]

  • Distributor and Dubbing: Studio PV

Tagalog Staff[edit]

Voice Characters[edit]

  • Noel Escondo as Yonkuro Hinomaru
  • Mark Munoz as Shinkuro Minami/Pankuro Toda/Kouji Jimi
  • Maynard Llames as Tankuro/Kaidanji Sumeragi/Zaurus
  • Yvette Tagura as Rinko Sumeragi/Yonkuro's Mother/Yonkuro's Grandma

Production Staff (Philippines)[edit]

  • Dubbing: Creative Programs Inc., an ABS-CBN subsidiary for Hero (TV channel)
  • Dubbing Director: Yvette Tagura
  • Script:
    • Noel Escondo
    • Stiffany Adanza
    • Ryan Ang
  • Translation:
    • Ryan Ang


Opening Theme:

  1. "Be Top" by Taku Kitahara

Ending Theme:

  1. "An Endless Challenge" (果てしなき挑戦(チャレンジ), Hateshinaki Charenji?) by Taku Kitahara
  • Lyrics: Yoshikatsu Hirade
  • Music: Takeshi Ike
  • Arranged: Akihiko Yoshida


  1. Zaurus Tokuda died on March 23, 2006 at age 47 because of heart failure.
  2. Japanese brand Almond have produced exclusive sneakers with New Balance and this time they have found an unlikely inspiration from a Japanese comic "Dash! Yonkuro".

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