Dasht-e Nawar

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Dasht-e Nāwar (Persian: دشت ناور‎) is an archaeological sites in Ghazni province in Afghanistan. It's situated at the northern end of the lake, on and around Tepe Qādagak, c. 60 km west of Ghazni. A brackish lake measuring c. 60 x 15 km. On the "beaches" to the east and north are several palaeolithic sites: Lower Palaeolithic on the east and Middle Palaeolithic on the north, which includes a large stone hill fortification and associated structures of uncertain date. The surface sites are covered in stone tools, 98% of which are obsidian. These include cleavers, large scrappers, choppers and microblades, some of which appear Lower Palaeolithic. The others bear similarities to the Darra-i Kūr industry.




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Coordinates: 33°41′N 67°43′E / 33.683°N 67.717°E / 33.683; 67.717