Dasht River

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Dasht River
Pakistan Balochistan province - Dasht river IMG 7913 Jiwani Bay.jpg
Dasht river running into the Jiwani Bay near the border to Iran
Native name دریائے دشت
Other name(s) Dasht Kaur[1]
Countries Pakistan
Provinces Balochistan
Districts Kech, Gwadar
Settlements Kuldan, Sutkagan Dor
Basin features
Main source Mirani Dam
River mouth Gwadar District,
Balochistan, Pakistan
25°10′46″N 61°40′39″E / 25.17944°N 61.67750°E / 25.17944; 61.67750Coordinates: 25°10′46″N 61°40′39″E / 25.17944°N 61.67750°E / 25.17944; 61.67750
Type Intermittent river[1]

The Dasht River (Urdu: دریائے دشت‎) is located in the Makran region and Gwadar District, in the southwestern section of Balochistan Province, Pakistan which drains near Jiwani.[3]


The Kech River is eastern tributary of the Dasht River which flows through Kech valley and Nihing River is the western tributary that flows along Iran–Pakistan border before emptying at Mirani Dam where both the rivers have a confluence to form Dasht river.[4]

Mirani Dam[edit]

The Mirani Dam is located across the Dasht River in the Central Makran Range. The dam was built to supply agricultural irrigation water for the surrounding areas, flood control in the downstream region, and to provide drinking water for the city of Gwadar.[5]

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