Dasmariñas local elections, 2013

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Dasmariñas local elections, 2013
← 2010 May 13, 2013 2016 →
Nominee Jenny Barzaga Gavino Mercado
Party NUP Lakas
Running mate Vale Encabo Antonio "Damo" Ferrer

Mayor before election

Jenny Barzaga

Elected Mayor

Jenny Barzaga

Local elections will be held in the city of Dasmariñas on 13 May 2013 together with the National and the provincial level elections. Since Dasmariñas is a first class city in terms of income and the 2nd largest city in southern Luzon in terms of population, however it still an ordinary component city, it means it still elect a provincial official, despite of its own representation in the congress.


Since 1998 Barzagas have dominated in the elections. Their allies have also won several positions in the city/municipal council. In 2010, the Barzagas were members of Lakas Kampi supporting Gilbert Teodoro, who lost to Benigno S. Aquino III of the Liberal Party. When the 15 Congress started, Pidi became a member of the majority group of Feliciano Belmonte. The following year his faction from Lakas-Kampi established the new party, National Unity Party.

This 2013, Pidi Barzaga and his wife Jenny is running for their last term for congressman and mayor, respectively, together with Vice Mayor Valeriano "Vale" Encabo. Although they are running under the National Unity Party, they are also nominated by the Liberal Party due to electoral alliance with Rep. Ayong Maliksi, the alliance called as Team Dasma.

Meanwhile, last term Councilor Gavino "Gabby" Mercado, former Barzaga's allied, are still with the Lakas party, and in alliance with Gov. Jonvic Remulla and Jolo Revilla, is running for mayor along with Engr. Miguelito "Mike" Ilano who was lost for board member of 4th district in 2010, is running for congressman. The Mercado group known as the Amazing 16 which included Remulla and Revilla in the coalition.


Elpidio "Pidi" Barzaga is the incumbent. Although he is running under the National Unity Party, he also nominated by the Liberal Party.

Philippine House of Representatives election at Cavite's 4th district
Party Candidate Votes %
NUP Elpidio Barzaga, Jr. 133,570 87.64
Lakas Mike Ilano 18,844 12.36
Valid ballots
Invalid or blank votes
Total votes 165,490 '
NUP hold

Provincial Board[edit]

Although Dasmariñas is a large city not only in CALABARZON region but also in the entire Southern Luzon in terms of income and population, however, it is still not an independent city, and is still in the jurisdiction of the Province of Cavite (4th district) thus it can allow its people to run in and elect to the provincial positions. Incumbent Board Members Teofilo Rudy Lara and Raul Rex Mangubat, both from NUP and Liberal Party are the two candidates to the post of provincial board members. No other opponents are running.

Cavite 4th District Sangguniang Panlalawigan election
Party Candidate Votes %
NUP Teofilo Lara 101,132 51.04
NUP Raul Rex Mangubat 97,019 48.96
Total votes 165,190 100



Jenny Barzaga is the incumbent, running against incumbent City Councilor Gavino "Gabby" Mercado, who is in his last term.

Dasmariñas City mayoralty election
Party Candidate Votes %
NUP Jennifer Barzaga 127,678
Lakas Gavino Mercado 26,712
PMP Ma. Lourdes Garcia 1,335
Total votes ' '

Vice Mayor[edit]

Valeriano "Vale" Encabo is the incumbent. He will oppose Liga ng mga Barangay President and Brgy. Fatima III Chairman Antonio "Damo" Ferrer (namesake of Cavite Rep. Antonio Ferrer, who is running for Mayor of neighboring Gen. Trias, Cavite).

Dasmariñas City vice mayoralty election
Party Candidate Votes %
NUP Valeriano Encabo 105,718 73.81
Lakas Antonio "Damo" Ferrer 37,520 26.19
Total votes ' '

City Council[edit]

Election in the city council is at large at 12 seats on the line. Some candidates from Lakas-CMD are considered as independent because they did not submit their certificate of nomination from their party. 28 people are running, 8 of them are incumbent, all from Team Dasma (NUP/LP) coalition. All 12 candidates of Team Dasma are won.

Term limited candidates are the following:

  • Gavino Mercado- running for Mayor under Lakas-CMD and United Nationalist Alliance
  • Francisco Barreto- served as campaign manager for Team Dasma
  • Cecilio Dedase, Jr.
  • Hermigildo Mendoza


Administration coalition (Team Dasma/Team Jenny)[edit]

Liberal Party/National Unity Party (Team Jenny)
Name Party Result
Peter Tom Antonio NUP won
Roderick "Erik" Atineza NUP won
Nicanor "Nickol" Austria, Jr. NUP won
Teofilo "Pilo" Campaño NUP won
Reynaldo "Rey" Canaynay NUP won
Robin Chester Cantimbuhan[A] Liberal won
Fulgencio "Jun"de la Cuesta, Jr. NUP won
Restituto "Resty" Encabo NUP won
Jacinto "Jess" Frani, Jr. NUP won
Napoleon "Toyen" Gonzales NUP won
Angelo "Eloy" Hugo NUP won
Tagumpay "Pay" Tapawan M.D. NUP won

Opposition coalition (Amazing 16/Team Gabby)[edit]

Lakas-CMD (Team Gabby)
Name Party Result
Ernesto "JonJon" Avendano, Jr. Lakas lost
Naomi de Leon Lakas lost
Arnel Del Rosario[B] Nacionalista lost
Virgilio "Boyet" Delfin Lakas lost
Romeo "Romy" Escaros Lakas lost
Fernando "Ando" Laudato Lakas lost
Glen Malihan Lakas lost
Tomasito "Tommy" Martinez Lakas lost
Nemencio "Nemie" Morales Lakas lost
Virgilio "Ver" Ortega Lakas lost
Rogelio "Rowell" Ramales Lakas lost

Independent candidates not in tickets[edit]

Name Party Result
Roche Avila Independent lost
Roden Carungcong Independent lost
John Dacaymat Independent lost
Vic Rustia Independent lost
Norma Salcedo Independent lost



Dasmariñas City Council election
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Robin Cantimbuhan 102,867 7.15
NUP Reynaldo Canaynay 99,159 6.89
NUP Resty Encabo 92,961 6.46
NUP Jacinto Frani Jr. 86,652 6.02
NUP Roderick Atienza Sr. 85,806 5.96
NUP Peter Tom Antonio 80,965 5.63
NUP Nickol Austria 80,483 5.59
NUP Tagumpay Tapawan 78,936 5.49
NUP Fulgencio Dela Cuesta Jr. 76,055 5.29
NUP Teofilo Campano 75,515 5.25
NUP Napoleon Gonzales 71,649 4.98
NUP Eloy Hugo 60,288 4.19
Nacionalista Arnel Del Rosario 41,860 2.91
Lakas Kap Nemie Morales 38,985 2.71
Lakas Fernando Laudato 37,230 2.59
Lakas Ernesto Avendano Jr. 36,898 2.56
Lakas Tomasito Martinez 35,369 2.46
Lakas Naomi De Leon 32,470 2.26
Independent Denden Carungcong 31,980 2.22
Lakas Glenn Malihan 31,786 2.21
Lakas Virgilio Ortega 30,291 2.11
Lakas Virgilio Delfin 28,122 1.95
Lakas Romy Escarios 24,841 1.73
Lakas Rogelio Ramales 24,477 1.70
Independent Vic Rustia 16,055 1.12
Independent Norma Salcedo 15,470 1.08
Independent John Dacaymat 11,230 0.78
Independent Roche Avila 10,508 0.73
Invalid or blank votes
Total votes ' '

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