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Igbo Idaasha
Dassa-Zoumé is located in Benin
Location in Benin
Coordinates: 07°45′00″N 02°11′00″E / 7.75000°N 2.18333°E / 7.75000; 2.18333
Country Benin
DepartmentCollines Department
 • Total661 sq mi (1,711 km2)
 • Total112,118
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

Dassa-Zoumé, also known as Igbo Idaasha or simply Dassa, is a city in Benin, on the Cotonou-to-Parakou railway and the main north-south highway. The commune covers an area of 1,711 square kilometres (661 sq mi), and as of 2013 had a population of 112,118.[1]

Jama'at Islamique Ahmadiyya Benin built its central mosque (Mosquee Moubarqiue) here in 2010. It is a beautiful mosque with a tall, 18-meter minaret, just outside the city on the main road towards Parakou. Jama'at Islamique Ahmadiyya Benin also built a French/English bilingual primary school here, called Ecole Primaire Publique Ahmadiyya.[2]

The population of Dassa migrated from the Egba subgroup of the western Yoruba in present-day Nigeria to settle here. The city is known as a place of pilgrimage; the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared in the Grotte Notre-Dame d'Arigbo, around which a basilica has since been built containing several shrines. The city is also known for its surrounding forests.


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Coordinates: 07°45′N 02°11′E / 7.750°N 2.183°E / 7.750; 2.183