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DataMeet is a user-generated community primarily focused around Open Data & Data Science in India.[1] DataMeet was registered as a trust in February 2014. Typical discussions are around collecting, arranging and using open data.[2] DataMeet events are held in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune.


DataMeet started as a small google group with meetups in Bangalore and later spread to other Indian cities. DataMeet now involves Meetups, Workshops, Hackathons and a yearly event called Open Data Camp.

Current Activity[edit]


DataMeet frequently organizes open meetups related to open data and other social issues.[3][4]

Open Data Camp[edit]

Every summer since 2012, DataMeet has organized a two-day open data event called Open Data Camp in Bangalore. Open Data Camp has also been held in Delhi since November 2014.[5][6]


For Indian general election, 2014, the largest ever elections in the world, DataMeet organized a hackathon focusing on election-related open data.[7]

Other Activity[edit]

Open City Initiative: DataMeet is developing a repository of urban data under the Open City Initiative[8]


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