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Subsidiary of public company
Industry Computer software
Founded 1993
Headquarters Markham, Ontario
Key people
Nigel W. Stokes (Co-founder, Chairman of the Board, CEO)
Products Data integration, protection, auditing, and capture
Revenue Increase$44.7 million USD (2006)[1]
Decrease$3.68 million USD (2006)[1]
Number of employees
220 (2006)[1]
Parent IBM

DataMirror Corporation, founded in 1993, is a computer software company based in Markham, Ontario, Canada with offices in several countries. The company provides real-time data integration, protection, and Java database products, and in 2006 claimed to have over 2100 business customers in industries including healthcare, retail, telecommunications, and financial services.[1] As of 2007, the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the IBM Corporation.


  • 1993 - DataMirror was founded
  • 1996 - DataMirror had its initial public offering
  • 1997 - DataMirror acquired SQLPump from SoftQuest Corp.[2]
  • 1998 - DataMirror acquired mpc-Software GmbH, a software distributor located in Frankfurt, Germany[3]
  • 2000 - DataMirror purchased assets of Constellar Corp, makers of Constellar Hub[4]
  • 2001 - DataMirror acquired BDI Systems, Inc. which builds bi-directional, Java-based, data transformation software that exchanges data between XML, relational database and text formats.
  • 2003 - DataMirror completed acquisition of PointBase, makers of a Java database[1]
  • 2003 - DataMirror acquired assets of bankrupt SmartSales, maker of sales force automation products[5]
  • 2004 - DataMirror divested interest in Idion Technology Holdings, of South Africa[1]
  • 2007 - On 16 Jul 2007, IBM purchased all of the outstanding DataMirror common shares at a price of C$27.00 per common share payable in cash, amounting to total consideration of approximately C$170 million (approximately $161 million USD).
  • 2007 - 04 Sept 2007, IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced it had completed its acquisition of DataMirror.[6]
  • 2012 - 04 Jan 2012, IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced it had completed its sale of its iCluster software business to Rocket Software, a privately held company based in Waltham, MA. iCluster software was originally acquired by IBM when it acquired DataMirror Corporation in 2007.[7]


  • Transformation Server - Real-time bi-directional replication for loading a data warehouse, synchronizing data between existing systems and Web applications, or distributing data between different applications for decision-making
  • iCluster - aims to ensure high availability of business applications and provide disaster avoidance and protection in IBM iSeries environments
  • LiveAudit - provides an audit trail of data changes aimed at reducing fraud, improving customer service and accountability, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, and managing and protecting data assets
  • iReflect - provides a consistent, updated view of information by distributing and consolidating data in real-time between Oracle databases
  • Transformation Server/Event Server – detects events as they occur in production applications and creates business information to feed into the message queues of several enterprise application integration (EAI), business process management (BPM) and service-oriented architecture (SOA) environments
  • PointBase - a SQL92/99 JDBC-compliant Java relational database.

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