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DataSnap (previously known as MIDAS) is a DCOM-based software technology that enables RAD creation of multi-tier database applications. DataSnap components approach allows Embarcadero software development tools such as Delphi or C++Builder to create data broker/client applications with TCP/IP, DCOM, HTTP or even SOAP transport protocols. The TCP and HTTP transport are implemented using respectively a server side service and an ISAPI dll that act as proxies for the DCOM server.

The first release (then known as MIDAS) appeared in Delphi version 3. The name was changed to DataSnap in version 6.

In Delphi 2009 important modifications were made to DataSnap. A new architecture not based on DCOM was introduced (the old DCOM based architecture is still available, but the two are not compatible). The new architecture is implemented using the Indy TCP framework which can be used with HTTPS and SSL. Also there is a new integration between DataSnap and dbExpress. Compared to the previous DCOM implementation, the new one lacks several features like strong authentication (the HTTPS implementation allows only for server authentication), authorization, data integrity and encryption, which are built-in in the MS-RPC and DCOM layers used by the first Datasnap. Since at least XE8, DataSnap provides the possibility to enhance the transport layers through pluggable filters. At least three filters are provided: two different encryption shemes (one being RSA) and a zlib data compression filter.

Delphi 2010 further enhanced DataSnap. REST support is now also provided.