Data Recovery Wizard

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Data Recovery Wizard
Developer(s) EaseUS
Initial release 1 October 2005; 11 years ago (2005-10-01)
Stable release
7.0 / 19 November 2013; 3 years ago (2013-11-19)
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Utility software
License Shareware

Data Recovery Wizard is a data recovery utility for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh, developed by EaseUS.[1] It is used to recover lost files from storage device, like local or external hard drive, flash drive, memory cards, etc. in the FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, Ext2, Ext3, HFS file systems. The knowledge of common file structures, information contained in file header and footer is used to scan and assemble the lost data.[2] There is also a free version to EaseUS Data Recovery which covers the basic requirements for an individual usage. The free program recovers up to 1 GB of data and there is plenty of support and tutorials available in case you run into a problem.[3]

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