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Data-constrained modelling (DCM) refers to a research and development methodology where the sample-specific data and information and a theoretical model are tightly integrated for quantitative modeling of a physical system .[1] The DCM methodology has been developed by Dr Sam Yang Et Al [2] at CSIRO since 2007 in relation to 3D characterization of material compositional microstructures and microstructure-based properties, [3] and has been implemented as DCM software. [4] The DCM software can also be used for 3D modelling of material properties, visualization of 3D volumetric data, converting between 3D data formats and export as Web3D/X3D format for online visualization. In contrast to the conventional image segmentation technique to derive microstructures from X-ray CT (computed tomography) images which imposes an arbitrary length-scale cut-off at the image pixel size scale, DCM incorporates fine structures below X-ray CT image resolution as voxel compositional partial volumes. Consequently, the fine length-scale information below image pixel size is preserved. [5] Using DCM, consistent 3D compositional microstructures are obtained with different X-ray CT imaging resolution. [6]

DCM has been successfully used in 3D microstructure characterization and analysis of aerospace paint primers, [7] conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon reservoir rocks, [8] coal, [9] and other materials. [10]

A number of DCM characterized material compositional microstructure data sets are available online. [11] Such data sets make it possible for quantitative modeling of microstructure-based material properties, such as fluid transport, [12] and electric properties. [13]

For accurate characterization of microstructures, DCM would require multi-energy and quantitative X-ray CT. Care should be taken to minimize the factors which could influence the quantitative nature of the X-ray imaging. [14]

Additional functionalities can be added to the DCM software using various plug-ins. [15]


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