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Datablender music logo.jpg
Founded 2006
Founder Raimond Kozlovskij
Giedrius Daugilis
Justas Balandis
Tomas Poškus
Yuta Tsuda
Shintaro Kanie
Vitalijus Beinarovic
Genre Techno, Hardtechno, Industrial, Hardcore
Country of origin England, Lithuania, Japan
Location London, Vilnius, Tokyo
Official website

Formed in 2006 December 1 DataBlender began as a collective sound system based in London, England. By 2008 the collective had founded its own record label with the objective of releasing new music by up and coming electronic music artists. The record label specializes in publishing 12" singles and vinyl compilations as well as CDs all of which are also available in digital formats.

DataBlender offers a diverse array of Hardtechno and Heavy Industrial artists who collectively feed the current phenomenon which is known as the UK's extreme underground techno music scene. With its A&R headquarters also here in London and manufacturing handled in the Netherlands it supplies majority of electronic music stores around the globe. However the label is mostly recognized by DJs from Germany, Lithuania and Benelux countries.

The label specializes in the publishing of 12" singles and EP compilations as well as digital albums in Mp3 format.

In 2010 Datablender has launched two online radio stations:


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