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Date Tadamune
Lord of Sendai
In office
Preceded by Date Masamune
Succeeded by Date Tsunamune
Personal details
Nationality Japanese
In this Japanese name, the family name is Date.

Date Tadamune (伊達 忠宗?, January 23, 1600 – August 10, 1658) was a Japanese samurai of the early Edo period. The second son of the famous and powerful daimyō Date Masamune, he succeeded his father as lord of Sendai. Although he was the second son, his half-brother Date Hidemune was born by Lady Iisaka, a concubine, and was not eligible to rule. When Tadamune died in 1658, his son Tsunamune became daimyō but was removed soon afterwards in a noble family dispute known as the Date Sōdō or Date Disturbance.


  • Father
  • Mother
  • Wife
    • Furuhime (Daughter of Ikeda Terumasa, adopted daughter of Tokugawa Hidetada; also called Kōshōin)
  • Concubines
    • Fusu (Daughter of Mitamura Matauemon; also called Shōunin)
    • Zuishōin (Daughter of Osada Tadashige)
    • Kaihime (Adopted daughter of Kushige Takachika; also called Tokushōin)
    • Take (Daughter of Yamato Tosa; also called Keiunin)
  • Children
    • Nabehime (1623-1680; Furuhime's daughter, Tachibana Tadashige's second wife)
    • Torachiyo (1624-1630; Furuhime's son)
    • Date Mitsumune (1627-1645; Furuhime's son)
    • Tamura Muneyoshi (1637-1678; Fusu's son)
    • Date Munenori (1643-1685; Fusu's son)
    • Date Gorokichi (1638-1644; Zuishōin's son)
    • Date Munetomo (1640-1670; Zuishōin's son)
    • Date Tsunamune (1640-1711; Kaihime's son)
    • Date Munefusa (1646-1686; Take's son)
    • Īzaka Muneakira (1648-1663; Take's son)

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The emblem (mon) of the Date clan
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Preceded by
Date Masamune
Lord of Sendai
Succeeded by
Date Tsunamune