Date and Switch

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Date and Switch
Date and Switch poster.png
Theatrical release poster
Directed byChris Nelson
Produced by
Written byAlan Yang
Music byEric D. Johnson
CinematographyDavid Robert Jones
Edited by
  • Tia Nolan
  • Akiko Iwakawa-Grieve
Laurence Mark Productions
Distributed byLionsgate
Release date
  • February 14, 2014 (2014-02-14)
Running time
91 minutes[1]
CountryUnited States
Budget$6 million[2]

Date and Switch is a 2014 American teen sex comedy film directed by Chris Nelson and written by Alan Yang. The film was released in theaters and on video on demand on February 14, 2014,[3] and stars Nicholas Braun, Hunter Cope, Dakota Johnson, and Zach Cregger. It was originally titled Gay Dude.[4]


Matty and Michael are two best friends and virgins who vow to each other they will have sex before their senior prom. However, Matty tells Michael that he is gay, changing their quest.[5]


Two best friends Matty and Michael are shown performing in a theatrical play in fourth grade. As the play starts, Michael starts singing before hiding in a prop bush, where Matty came out flying with a rope. However, Matty accidentally hit the bush, causing it to reveal Michael in his underwear. Seeing his friend feeling embarrassed, Matty decide to take off his clothes and run away from stage with Michael.

7 years later, still best friends, Matty picks up Michael to have a dinner at fast food restaurant. Both of them agreed that they need a sexual relationship with a mature female, instead a high school student. At a party, Matty explains to his girlfriend Em that he is gay, with Em reacting just fine. Homever, Michael’s girlfriend Ava screams at him after Michael breaks up with her. In Michael’s house, they bake a pot brownie and swear to eat it as a winning prize for having sex by prom. After they finish making the brownie, Matty asks if they could take a drive, and Michael agrees. Matty then brings him into a construction site, where he comes out to him as a "Gay" dude. Feeling betrayed, Michael punching out the brownie they make and avoid Matty’s call. The next day, Michael meets Em, and asks what he should do. Em explains that coming out isn't easy for him, and Matty really needs support from his best friend right now. Michael later approaches Matty, telling him that he’s cool with Matty’s situation, and decide to resume their goal. On the night, Michael and Matty decides go into a gay club, where they meet Jared and unexpectedly their teachers, Mr Vernon and Mr Dennis. In the parking lot in the front club, a stranger accidentally hit Michael’s car. Michael and the stranger get into a fight, before the stranger decides to leave.

While practicing for the audition, Matty and the other members agree that they need a singer for the band, and Michael must select the song that the band picks for him. At night, both of them go into other gay club called "Moon Soon", where they having fun trying a new drug and dancing at foam pool. After taking Michael home, Matty stops by Em’s house, where they end up having sex. The next morning, Michael feeling weird about him and Em have sex, and decided to leave. At the fast food restaurant, Matty accidentally meeting Greg, the stranger from the first club accident. Greg then bring Matty to some street wresting, where they're having fun. At the school, after failed to resume his relationship with Ava, Michael approached by Em, where she give him a ride to a workshop and helped him to communicate with one of the mechanic. At the band practice, Michael admit that he having a hard time to remember those song. Feeling pushed by Matty and the other members, Michael take his own action and leave the practice. As Michael and Em hanging out, Em telling the truth that his girlfriend, Ava has been cheated on him with another man. They decide to hang out at the construction site, Michael making first move by trying to kiss her, just before he seeing Matty car on the another side of the site. As it revealed that Matty is making out with Greg, the four of them feeling weird for seeing each other at the same place. Michael stormed out at Matty for ignoring him. Matty responded that for once, Michael need to stop care of other people life. On next day, Michael trying to fix their relationship by taking Matty into go-kart racing, when the two of them having fun and apologize to each other. After seeing his girlfriend now with other man, Em taking Michael to the construction site. As michael intented to kiss her, Em telling him about the night her and Matty have sex, resulted on Michael leave her. At home, Michael punching out the pot brownie again, while having a couple of beers at the same time. A drunk Michael decided to stopping bye at Matty home, where Matty mom offered him to stay for dinner. As Michael started to mocking him, Matty beg him to shut up about him being gay. While his dad and brother are talking about prom, Michael outing him as gay to his parent on purpose. After leave, Matty sending him a hate message, implying that their relationship are over.

Next day at school, Em approach Michael and stormed out because of his action outing Matty to his parent, and cut their relationship. Both Michael and Matty started to become stranger, but they also feeling lonely. Later, Em go with Matty and his mother to finding a prom suit. Em catches her eye at Matty phone, ringing, where it shown the caller is Greg. Matty homever, reject the call and revealed to Em that he been avoiding Greg call since. At home, Michael dad started to feeling worried about his son behaviour. He then revealed that the reason why him and Michael mom can get along together is because they still love each other, and that's a rare thing to have. Michael decided to go into their first bar, where he meet Greg. Greg revealed that Matty been avoiding him since that day, while Michael admit that Matty won't talked to him anymore. Greg then suggest that Michael need to corned him out, so Matty will listen to him.

On prom day, instead of bringing a girl, Michael bring Greg as his date while Matty bring Em. After see Michael with Greg, Matty decided to leave the table. After the band performed, Michael asking a five minute to Matty brother, where Mr. Vernon give him permission. Michael admit that he still learning to sing, just before he started to singing a song that he also sing on the theatrical play in the fourth grade, with Matty, Em, and Greg watching. After performed, one of the student address him as gay due to him bring Greg as his prom date. Homever, Michael reveal that the reason why he bring Greg to the prom is because he' a cool guy, while saying that it doesn't matter whoever you bring at prom and that gay people is just like straight person who have a different sex life, and he don't care of people calling him gay. As he joined by Greg and his band members, all of them seeing that one of their date is cheating with Ava boyfriend. Homever, As she pushed the girl from her boyfriend, Ava started to kiss his boyfriend and then kissing the girl, leaving the boys shock. While searching for some air, Michael meet with Em while Matty approaching Greg. Michael then telling her that what he doing isn't enough to make it with Matty, but Em said that it's a start for them. The two of them actually agreed to started hanging out again. Matty telling Greg that he glad for seeing him at the prom and apologize for avoiding him, with Greg admitted that he also glad for seeing Matty and telling him that his prom is suck. As Michael and Matty apologize to Em and Greg, they remembered that there is still one thing to do. Both of them leaving, but then turn around and kissing people their love.

As both of them searching for each other, they ended up found each other at the parking lot. It revealed that Michael bring the pot brownie, so they can get rid of it as a represent the old him. But Matty disagreed with him, and telling Michael that his pot brownie is an artisitc and beautiful and they should eat it together. Both of them saying that they love each otherm before starting to hugging and fixed their relationship. Em and Greg joined them, and the four of them started to eating the pot brownie. As they all now high and cannot go back into prom, Michael telling them that there's only one place where you can go when you high. They decided to go into "Moon Soon" and ended up having fun at foam pool, where Matty saying that this night is best day of his life.



Alan Yang started writing the script in 2009.[8] Gay Dude is part of Lionsgate's ten "microbudget" projects, all produced for under $2 million.[9] Principal photography began in Maple Ridge, Canada in August 2011.[10]

Critical reception[edit]

The film received mostly negative reviews from the critics. It has a score of 30% with a certified "rotten" rating on review-aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes based on 10 reviews.[11] However, Jeannette Catsoulis of The New York Times praised that the film "balances formula with winning performances, genuine humor, and a generosity of spirit that this genre often lacks." She also singled out actress Dakota Johnson, calling her a "standout".[12]


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