Date and time notation in Turkey

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In Turkey, the little endian date format is used, and 24-hour clock is more common than 12-hour clock system.


In Turkey, dates are written in the form D.MM.YYYY, or "D <name of the month> YYYY" (little endian format). It is rare to use abbreviations for names of months.


Turkey uses the 24-hour clock system. In informal speech, however, the 12-hour clock is more commonly used. When speaking in the 12-hour system, the words such as "sabah" (morning), "akşam" (evening) or "gece" (night) are generally used before telling the time to clarify whether it is a.m. or p.m. (i.e., sabah 9 means 9 a.m. and akşam 5 means 5 p.m.). An exception is that the hours 12.30 AM/PM are usually both referred to as "yarım" (meaning half).