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Date Squares
Date squares.jpg
Alternative namesMatrimonial Cake, Date Crumbles
Place of originCanada
Main ingredientsDates, oatmeal

A date square is a Canadian dessert or coffee accompaniment made of cooked dates with an oatmeal crumb topping.[1] [2] In Western Canada it is known as Matrimonial Cake.[3] In Eastern Canada and Newfoundland it might also be known as Date Crumbles [4]. It is often found in coffee shops as a sweet snack food. There can be nuts added to the base layer or crumb topping, or other alterations [5] . There can be candied peel added to the date stuffing for a contrasting texture.[6].


There is debate over the origins of the date square/Matrimonial Cake/Date Crumbles. Many individuals in Canada recognize it as a home-cooked treat that has always been around and is now somewhat old-fashioned, though beloved. Some attribute it to Scottish heritage, as much of Western Canada was settled by Scottish explorers working for the Hudson's Bay Trading Co. The use of oats makes this seem a point in favour of this idea. However, this recipe also appears to be traditional in Quebec, where the French influence would be dominant, and is also well known in Newfoundland, where historically Irish influence would have been important. Thus this recipe appears to have become truly "Canadian" with its origins obscured in time.

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