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The fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise features multiple planets and moons.

List of planets and moons[edit]

The following list names planets and moons from the films or canon media that were settings or key portrayals (e.g., Alderaan):

Planet / Moon First appearance Media Fictional description Ref.
Alderaan Star Wars: A New Hope Film Princess Leia's home planet, ultimately destroyed by the Death Star [1]
Bespin Empire Strikes Back, TheThe Empire Strikes Back Film Gas planet and the location of Cloud City [2]
Coruscant Return of the Jedi (special edition) Film Urban planet and governmental center of Republic then Empire [2]
Dagobah Empire Strikes Back, TheThe Empire Strikes Back Film Swamp planet and Yoda's residence [1]
Endor Return of the Jedi Film Moon that the second Death Star orbited; inhabited by Ewoks [3]
Geonosis Attack of the Clones Film Desert planet where battle droids are manufactured [4]
Hoth Empire Strikes Back, TheThe Empire Strikes Back Film Ice planet and base for Rebel Alliance [2]
Jakku Star Wars: The Force Awakens Film Desert planet and site of a battle [5]
Kamino Attack of the Clones Film Ocean planet where cloning technology is developed [1]
Kashyyyk Star Wars Holiday Special Film Forest planet and home of the Wookiees [6]
Lothal Star Wars Rebels TV series Remote farm planet and birthplace of Ezra Bridger [7]
Mustafar Revenge of the Sith Film Volcano planet and location of showdown between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi [8]
Naboo Phantom Menace, TheThe Phantom Menace Film Home planet of Padme Amidala and the Gungans, including Jar-Jar Binks [8]
Sullust Star Wars Battlefront (2015) Video game Volcanic planet, base of Imperial factories [9]
Tatooine Star Wars: A New Hope Film Desert planet and childhood home of Luke Skywalker [2]
Utapau Revenge of the Sith Film Planet of final battle with General Grievous [4]
Yavin Star Wars: A New Hope Film Gas planet with several moons including Yavin 4 [2]
Yavin 4 Star Wars: A New Hope Film Forest moon and base for the Rebel Alliance [2]

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