Dating Stephy

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Dating Stephy
Studio album by Stephy Tang
Released February 14, 2007
Genre Cantopop
Producer Gold Label Records
Stephy Tang chronology
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Dating Stephy is an album by Stephy Tang, and was released on February 14, 2007 in three different versions. It was released in conjunction with Valentine's Day in order to match the theme of the album. At the same time, the song Qi Xi also resembles the Chinese equivalent of this day of love and romance. Stephy herself filled in the lyrics for two pieces, Waiting for you and Enduring Love. In Cantonese, the meaning of Light Bulb is the presence of a third party in a romantic moment. Stephy expressed that she sang this song because she felt this way, as she have not entered a relationship with anyone since entering the music industry.

The tracks on the album are:

  1. 初見 (First Sight)
  2. 等你約會我 (Waiting for you)
  3. 電燈膽 (Light Bulb)
  4. 念念不忘 (Never Forgetting You)
  5. 七夕 (Qi Xi)
  6. 你好嗎? (How are you?)
  7. 12:03 分手 (Breaking up at 12:03)
  8. 不速之約 (Unexpected meeting)
  9. 日久生情 (Enduring Love)
  10. 我未願意 (Unwilling)

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