Datong, Yilan

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Datong Township in Yilan County
Datong Township

Datong Township (Chinese: 大同鄉; pinyin: Dàtóng Xiāng; Wade–Giles: Da4-t'ung2 Hsiang1) is a mountain indigenous township in the southwestern part of Yilan County, Taiwan. It is the second largest township in Yilan County after Nan-ao Township.


It is predominantly populated by Taiwanese aborigines of the Atayal Tribe. The township is dominated by rugged mountains and wide river valleys. Most settlements in the county are located along the Lanyang River valley which runs from the central mountains of Taiwan into the Lanyang Plain.


The villages of Datong include Daping, Fuxing, Hanxi, Leshui, Lunpi, Mao'an, Nanshan, Siji, Songluo and Yingshi.[1] It was formerly classified as "Savage Land" under Ratō District, Taihoku Prefecture during Japanese rule.


Economic activities include trucking silt from the Lanyang River for use in cement production and cultivation of tea, cabbage and betel nut palms.

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Coordinates: 24°40′37.8″N 121°36′32.5″E / 24.677167°N 121.609028°E / 24.677167; 121.609028