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Dattaji Rao Shinde, also known as Dattaji Rao Scindia, (1723 – 10 January 1760) was the second son of Ranoji Rao Shinde and Mina Bai, alias Nimba Bai. His elder brother was Jayappaji and his younger brother was Jyotiba.[1]

He was the elder half-brother of Mahadaji Shinde who later became the confederacy head of Gwalior, and Regent for his nephew Jankoji Rao Shinde I from 1755 until his death.[citation needed]

Battle with Afghans and Death[edit]

He was a Maratha military general who was given the command of Punjab during the Afghan-Maratha Conflicts over the regions of North India in 1758-59.

Dattaji was defeated and killed in battle with Afghans at Barari Ghat (Buradi ghat), on the plains of Rudhir, near Delhi on 10 January 1760. Dattaji was known to be a terrific warrior and brave hearted. In the battle field when he was severely wounded & pinned on ground, Najibjang Rohila asked "पाटिल, हमारे साथ लढेंगे "[2] (Do you still want to fight Patil?) He replied to Najibjang Rohila before he beheaded him "हा बचेंगे तो और भी लडेंगे" (Yes, if I live I'll continue fighting).[3]

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