Datu Amir Baraguir

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Datu Amir bin Muhammad Andong Baraguir
25th Sultan of Maguindanao
Reign2000 - 2006
CoronationDecember 12, 2005
PredecessorHRH Sayyid Hajji Datu Muhammad Gutierez bin Baraguir
BornJanuary 16, 1960
Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao
DiedJanuary 11, 2006
Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao
  • 1. Bai Moihra Sinsuat, daughter of Datu Mama Sinsuat - sometime Commissioner of the National Integration (Philippines) and Presidential Adviser on Muslim Affairs of then Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos
  • 2. Bai Zainab Andong al-Hajj, daughter of Datu Pendatun Andong - grandson of Rajah Ingkong, Rajah of Edtabidan or Taviran @ late 18th Century
Full name
HRH Seri Paduka Hajji Datu Amir bin Muhammad Andong Baraguir
HouseSultan of Maguindanao
MotherHajja Bai Fatima Carmen Andong, daughter of Datu Andong, who, in turn, is the son of Datu Unutan, son of Raja Ingkung of Taviran
ReligionShia Ithna Ashari Islam

HRH Seri Paduka Sultan Sayyid Datu Amir bin Muhammad Baraguir al-Hajj was the 25th Sultan of Maguindanao, designated a successor by his father. He assumed the title upon his father's death in June 8, 2000 and proclaimed by the Royal Succession Council (Pat a pulaus) on May 5, 2005 and formally enthroned on December 12, 2005. He was shot dead in January 2006.[1]


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