Daudi Kabaka

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Daudi Kabaka (1939–2001) was a Kenyan vocalist and musician.

The type of music he is known for is called Benga, a popular style in East Africa. His best-known songs include "African Twist", "Harambee Harambee" and "Western Shilo".

His song "Helule Helule" was covered by The Tremeloes and it became a hit in United Kingdom.[when?][citation needed]

Daudi Kabaka is also known for his Kenyan classic "Harambee Harambee" which largely reflects the aspirations of post-colonial Kenya to build their nation.

He collaborated with John Nzenze on three songs: "Masista", "Bachelor Boy" and "Nyumba za Tobacco". These songs were released by Jambo Records and became hits.[1] Kabaka released the album Pesa Maradhi Ya Moyo with Maroon Commandos in 1986.[2]