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Daugavpils Satiksme
city municipality owned corporation
Industry Public transportation
Founded 2014
Headquarters Daugavpils, Latvia
Area served
Parent N/A
Website www.satiksme.daugavpils.lv

Daugavpils Satiksme (English: Daugavpils Transport) is the public transport corporation which operates tram and bus systems in the eastern Latvian town of Daugavpils.


The municipal public transport company was known as a/s "Tramvaju uzņēmums" (Tramway Enterprise JSC) before 1 January 2014 when it took over the city's bus services from SIA "Daugavpils autobusu parks".


The autobus network currently comprises 29 routes. DS owns a fleet of 47 buses, including 26 Solaris and 11 Volvo vehicles.


The tram network was opened on 5 November 1946 with a Russian broad-gauge trackage of 1,524 mm (5 ft). An uncommon characteristic of this system is the use of trolley poles for current collection.

A second line through the town was opened in 1950, and was extended in 1951 and 1958. Further extensions followed in 1965 and 1990. The system comprises approximately 25 kilometers of track and three lines.

The rolling stock comprises:

  • KTM-5 and KTM-8 built in Ust-Katav, Russia.
  • Czech-made T3D vehicles purchased secondhand from the tram system in Schwerin, Germany in 2002.
  • UKVZ KTM-model trams purchased in March 2014; eight partially low-floor 71-623 trams and four low floor 71-631 trams.[1]

RVR-6 vehicles built in Riga have been retired.

In 2013 a contract was signed to purchase 12 new Belarusian Belkommunmash trams as part of an infrastructure renovation project.[2] The new trams were expected to arrive in Daugavpils in August and to start running not earlier than October.[3] However the contract was cancelled.[4]

Another tender process for new trams was open until May 2016. PESA, SIA 'Elektrotransports', SIA TMHB Lithuania, SIA Virtus SV and DLRR submitted bids. The contract was for 12 trams.[5]

Virtus ultimately won the contract to supply trams from belkommunmash. The contract was cancelled and another tender organized in September 2017 when it was realised it did not comply with national procurement rules.

Future expansion[edit]

In February 2016 the Ministry of Transport announced plans for the construction of a new line.[6] The new line, part of the ForštadteStation route will bring up the number of tram passengers to around 500 000 per year.[7] Future projects also foresee the introduction of pantographs.[8]


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